At Oxford Summer Courses, we believe in the best. The best teachers, the best setting and the best experiences. If you wantsummer 2018 to stick in your mind – while stretching an dstrengthening it– you’ve come to the right place.We’re proud to have teamed up  with Cambridge in 2017, uniting the world renowned “Oxbridge” duo. Whilewe’re not part of the University, Oxford is at the heart of everything we do. It shapes  what we teach, how wego about it, and where. Study with us and you’ll be taught by Oxford academics. You’ll live in Oxford collegeaccommodation. And you’ll experience the world renowned Oxford tutorial system. What’s different aboutOxford Summer Courses is that we don’t go in for large clas ses and big groups. Tutorials are what Oxford is built on and they’re what we’re committed to. Our tutors dedicate their lives to researching and teachingbut during the summer they love to share their passion with students who want to find out more about their subject.


Before you apply, there are a couple of things we need to check. You don’t need to be a prodigious scholar –but you must have a genuine, demonstrable passion for your subject.
So, we’ll ask you to write  an online personal statement and supply your examinations grades to secure your place on Oxford Summer Courses. You’ll also need to be proficient in English. And your age will determine which course you embark on.

The prices

Our standard price for summer 2018 is £4,195 for 2 weeks and £7,895 for 4 weeks. En-suite prices  for summer2018  start at £4,395 for 2 weeks and £8,350 for 4 weeks. You don’t have to pay it all in one go – the deposit is£695 for a 2 week course and £1,000 for a 4 week course and the rest can be paid in installments if you prefer.

The price does not include flights or medical insurance. In 2018 we will be running courses on the following dates:
2 week courses:
• 24th June to 7th July
• 1st July to 14th July
• 8th July to 21st July
• 15th July to 28th July
• 22nd July to 4th August
• 29th July to 11th August

4 week courses:
• 24th June to 21st July
• 1st July to 28th July
• 8th July to 4th August

To apply for your place visit

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