as your Media Partner for Events. as your Media Partner for Events.

How to make as media partner for your Events??

If you are organizing any event and you like to promote it and Post’s regarding full coverage of your event, then we are here for your help. As news regarding these events is also beneficial for students, we will publish here on our website.

As other websites are charging money for this, we are not charging any amount for this. This is for the benefits of students, so it is free of cost.

Which type of Events we Cover?

Any type of events related to and beneficial for students like Moot Court, Mun’s, Debate, Seminar’s e.t.c.

Conditions you have to fulfill for making us as your media partner?

There is no lengthy list of requirements for this, it is very simple…

  1. Mention our Website’s Name on your Banners as your Media Partner.
  2. As we publish only Genuine events on your website, First we will first research your event and then we and our team are with You.

Benefits That You Get: 

  1.  We will Publish ‘Three’ Posts Promoting Your Event.
  2.  We will Publish a success post after your Event.


Email: [email protected]