Manan : A Creative essay Writing Competition.

About TEF:

Before going ahead, I just want to tell you what is Tribune Education Foundation.

Soo basically Tribune education foundation  is registered partnership firm which is established with the aim of developing and providing  customise education system through various tools like  life learning experiences through workshop ,education , research projects and research events.

Today we have worked with more than hundred volunteers from all over India  and done 20 + project in last three years.

We have also published 4 books.

Tribune Education Foundation and Redefining Ourselves organizing a philosophical essay competition named MANAN in Collaboration with:

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Legal Desire

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Law Brigade Journal

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Indian Legal Solution

Law Procotor

Knowledge Steez

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The Law Learners


Note : To all our Participants, is Providing 10%off in its all online certificate courses and 25% off  to the winners of this competition.

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About MANAN:

This project will be one of the major online project which defines not only an essay competition but also highlighten the skills of philosophy in an individual.

Features are as follow:

* Essay competition

* Skype call discussion

*Discussion on Philosophical themes

*Certification and Publication(E book, journal, websites)

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7703092385, 7011920998, 8988713322

Registration and Payment-

17 October- 25 October 2018


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