Interview with Ms. Tamanna Kaushik – Rajasthan Judicial Services, Rank 83

Interview with Ms. Tamanna Kaushik – Rajasthan Judicial Services, Rank 83

  1. When did u start your preparation and when do you think a person should ideally start preparing?

I completed my graduation in 2017 from ICFAI Law College, Dehradun. Then I joined Swastik Law Academy in Jaipur and I did all my preparation for RJS from 2017-2018.

According to me if the person is in the integrated course then the last year of college is suitable for them to start preparing for the judiciary.

  • What made you choose law as your career option?

It was my father’s dream. I pursued BBA.LLB and I got very much interested in law subjects, it very dynamic too. Because of that, I thought the judiciary will be the best option for me. So, when I started preparing I was more dedicated towards the subject and that’s what made this possible.

  • Did you work anywhere before this or you directly started preparing for Judiciary?

I am employed as a legal officer in Ajmer vidhyut vitran Nigam Ltd. a Government Sector. My aim was specifically to crack RJS since the subjects of both are the same I opted for the job and simultaneously prepared for RJS.

  • Did you just focus on academics or participated in any extra or co-curricular activities? Do you think these co-curricular activities are necessary?

I was more focused on my academics only. I was also a gold medalist in my university. Extracurricular activities are necessary but at the end of the day your goal must be achieved and if your dream is to crack Judiciary then focus should be on your dream.

  • Being from a private college do you feel any difficulty in competing with NLU students?

No, I haven’t faced any difficulty with regards to NLU students and the student of ICFAI College because the teachers are very good and more focused towards the theoretical part and for a Judicial aspirant theoretical part is more important and my teachers were very supportive and they cleared all my concepts which is much required for a judicial aspirant.

  • What are your suggestions for future aspirants?

First and the foremost thing is to be confident. If you are drawn into it then you should be able to go through it. It is not a difficult point, but yes one should be confident, he should not lose his hope. And the second important thing is maintaining continuity. If you drop then it will be difficult for you to cope up with them again. It is not about mugging up and all. One must be confident and do smart work and be thorough with his concepts.

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