Interview with Adv. Vinay Kumar Dubey, Advocate at Bombay High Court

Interview with Adv. Vinay Kumar Dubey, Advocate at Bombay High Court.

Interviewer: Vishakha Jaiprakash Thanvi, TMV Lokmanya Tilak Law College


Adv. Vinay Kumar Dubey is a practicing Advocate at the Bombay High Court of India. Enrolled in the Bar Council Of Maharashtra and Goa in 2011, he has 9 years of experience in this profession.  He completed his integrated five-year BLS LLB course from Nalanda Law College, Mumbai, Maharashtra, and then completed his LLM from Madhav University, Rajasthan. He is the founder of V.k. Dubey Associates and is also the partner of a legal firm namely United Legal. Despite being an outsider, he is a known face in this fraternity and has handled many high-profile cases including cases of Avani Modi, Raju Thakkar, Rakesh Paswan, and many more. He has been invited as a keynote speaker for many national level seminars all over India and is also the Maharashtra President for Bharatiya Sanskriti Suraksha Foundation. His area of specialization includes Civil, Criminal and Corporate Law.

  1. What inspired you to take up law as a career choice?

Even though I had no lawyer or law background in my family,  I was very much interested and developed a keen interest in law right from my childhood, watching movies where lawyers used to argue before the court of law & fight for rights for oneself and others as well, all these things cultivated a deep interest for law in me also I firmly believe that law is a fundamental subject which makes you understand the behavior of humans and society.

  1. Sir,  what do you think is the best part of being a lawyer?

According to me the best part of being a lawyer is that you never retire, moreover with each new case, you meet new people, learn something new, and have new challenges in life.  It is the profession where an individual gets a chance to fight for justice for others and raise their voices for unjust. 

  1. Sir, since you didn’t have a law background, What according to you are the challenges or hardships an individual practitioner has to face in the initial stage of their career?

There are many challenges especially when you don’t have any background, you need to first understand the working of the system since at first when you enter the court of law, you aren’t aware of many things, you don’t know how to tackle different people differently and for this, you require a good understanding of people. Moreover, the most important thing is strong Networking and your contacts, since to survive in profession one must have a good clientele base and this is only possible when you have a good number of contacts so building a clientele base does takes time when you don’t have any law backup in your family, but one thing is worth mentioning that all hardships and challenges can be faced if an individual dares to work hard with all his dedication and compassion.

  1. What advice would you like to give to aspiring lawyers/ law students or future litigants?

The only advice which I would like to give to aspiring lawyers is that learn to listen far more than you speak, besides this reading is very much essential so keep reading, not necessarily only law stuff but other books as well to develop your vocabulary for better drafting.

  1. Sir the legal education in our country focuses more on the theoretical part less than the practical part, do you feel that practical training is important for a law student? If yes then how does it helps?

Practical training or Internships are very important for a law student to excel in their career because without learning about the practical application of your theoretical knowledge, you cannot go and practice law. Law is a practical subject where one must know how to use their analytical, practical, and interpretation skills and Internships are the place where a law student gets to learn all of these skills. I started interning right from my 1st year with Adv. KR Mehta, I was taught about the law subjects in my law school but drafting, pleading,  etc weren’t taught to us in a way which I learned during my 5 years Internship with Sir, I never even went to court before I started interning but during my internship court visits, listening to arguments etc became my regular job which helped me a lot and is helpful even today , so basically Internships does play a very crucial & essential role in the growth of a law student’s professional life.