Interview: Winning Team of THE 2nd DME NATIONAL MOOT COURT COMPETITION, 2018

Interview: Winning Team [Raffels University, Rajasthan] of THE 2nd DME NATIONAL MOOT COURT COMPETITION, 2018

  1. Since there is no researcher in the team, how was the process of preparation, how long did you work on the problem, and how did you two overcome the hurdles?

As soon as the problem was out we had started preparing, looking for a third person was indeed a task but since we couldn’t find any so we both decided to prepare it without any third member. It was a team effort; the only thing that we had in our minds was to win this moot. We did not face any problems as such because we clearly understood each other and believed in each other’s working style.

  1. Any researching tip you would like to share?

Read the moot problem as many time as you can, make it your GOD and if issues are already provided in the proposition then do not interpret anything else. For a good memorial it’s of prime importance that one should know the landmark judgments, in addition to it also the recent case laws should also be known, even the judges had pointed out the same. Skill of presentation and convincing power is equally important and crucial.

  1. Well, 60 teams had participated, what do you felt about the competition and which team would you consider to be your toughest competition so far?

The number of the participating teams was itself a competition, [chuckles]. Top universities had participated and just like us all the teams had prepared very well but the team which was the toughest was the one which qualified into the finals, definitely. Their research was impeccable and it was a great learning experience.

  1. Comment on the organization of the competition.

It was very well coordinated. Since, we too are in our moot committee, therefore we could totally relate the efforts that would’ve put into organizing this and managing such a great number of teams. The judges were exceptional, grilling was on point.

The hospitality and team representatives really helped us out whenever we required any help. It’s just your second moot court therefore there is always room for improvement.

  1. What message you would like to give your fellow law students, mooters-non mooters.

Doesn’t matter from which college or university you come from, it is the hard work and believe in oneself that matters in the end. There is a difference between wanting to win the competition and clearing the rounds, set you goal.

Just be confident and start mooting. It’s a huge platform for enhancing one’s skills and building up confidence.


The winners, Ms. Paavni Thareja (Youtuber, Blogger, Writer) and Ms. Diksha Mahla are second year students of Law from Raffles University Rajasthan. They performed brilliantly, answering difficult technical questions with ease!

 Interview by Ms. Divya Tiwari (Editor, DMEMCS)