It is very important for every law student to be under the guidance of an advocate who can be a source of inspiration in his/her life. One can only make dreams come true after a lot of hard work, dedication and determination.

But before all this, it is very important to take a look at the exclusive interview conducted with the Advocate – Govind Kumar Saxena, who can guide you the best on moving to the path of success.

Q1) – How is the field of law today vs. past years?

Ans. – “Law as said is the king of the kings” so in our time, there was less competition and go through. To an extent, it was a bit easy task to become an Advocate but today as I see there is a cut throat competition between students. Not only this, National Law schools have played a vital role in bringing this change today.

Q2) – What is the difference between studying law and practicing it?

Ans. – There is a wide gap between practicing the law and studying it in law schools. Students in law schools only focus on theoretical part of the law today rather then they should make a equilibrium between both the things that is learning it well and then practically applying it also because without practical application no one can be perfect lawyer.

Q3) – What are the different activities that a law student should try to do in order to become a successful in the field of law?

Ans. – Again, as I stated in the previous answer also that without a practical application of law it is very difficult to become a good lawyer. Students should go for Moot Court Competitions, Client counseling. I’m generally motivated to see the soul of our childhood age and I’m certain that India will witness some brilliant legal counselors in the coming future. All I’ll recommend is that do have your objective settled. Channelize your will, in the event that you need to end up plainly a supporter do your entry level positions in regard of it. Furthermore, on the chance that you are occupied with State Judicial Services, get ready for its aggressive exams. Bare acts are basic law books needed to enhance oneself with today’s world.

Q4) – How does internship help law students?

Ans. – Internship is again a practical use of knowledge. For the 1st year students , NGO can be a quite good entry because NGO’s don’t  really ask for legal skills but most importantly , as they move on in their years ahead they should intern under a successful and renowned Advocate because then only they can study law well under their guidance. Internship during their college days can bring out discipline, determination, in them. Not only this, it also shows their interest in areas such as – Civil and Criminal.

Q5) – What are the main elements so as to be a successful in the field of law?

Ans. – The most important thing in a person’s life which I feel can be education only but it can be only helpful to you when you are hardworking, determined, disciplined and most importantly honest to your own self. With all these only and believing in god one can be successful not in the field of law but other fields also. Life gives you only one chance to do things. Opportunities knock the door once only. So, do always the best in your life.

Q6) – What is your key to success?

Ans. – I have 21 years of experience in criminal cases and my key to success is research work, learning something new every day. “Practicing” is the essential key to success. I did many moot court competitions and Debates in my college days because a lawyer should have good command over English which is very important of all the legal skills.



Ms .Kavisha Gupta

New Law College, Pune.