Duty of the judges to show respect to the lawyers despite their age or status : CJI

Justice Misra while speaking at a function to bid farewell to Justice R K Agrawal, who retired from the apex court said that it is the duty of the judges to show respect to the lawyers despite their age or status.

“The Supreme Court is one. The bar nurtures us and on every occasion, I have told the young members of the bar to be the guiding angels. It’s not the age, it is the entry into the Bar that makes you an angel. Whatever be your stature or status, you deserve respect and it is the duty of the judges to show respect to the members of the bar despite their age or status,” he said.

During the farewell function organised by the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA), Justice Agrawal said young lawyers were the “oxygen of the legal environment”.

“The relationship of Bar and the Bench is akin to the two sides of a coin. Neither has a primacy over the other. Both are indispensable to a free society.”

7 thoughts on “Duty of the judges to show respect to the lawyers despite their age or status : CJI

  1. What about the judges who abuses advocates and litigants in open court, supreme court could not dare to take action against such judges

  2. Excellent observation and re-iterating the raw truth over mith. Hat’s off to the Hon’ble CJI #JAI HIND

  3. Most of the judges may not be aggressive against advocates. But what about humiliation being experienced by advocates from some of the judicial staff in court offices?. Perhaps they need to be suitably guided by the hierarchy . With due respect to all

  4. In many cases the judges are insulting to lawyers infront of clients due to ego the guideline has to be issued by Honble Supreme court even also police department… How to conduct with lawyers

  5. Observation made by his Lordship Justice Dipak Mishra will go a long way in making advocates young and old more confident before Judges and express their point of view freely and fearlessly. Justice Sri Deepak Mishra is a Judge, philospher and Guide to the legal community. we

  6. Most of the j(not all butfew)judges are feeling like they are supreme because ofthe pen power which they have. There is no accountability on the orders and judgments. There is no stringent action. As and when any complaint is given, advocates are being criticized without going into the merits. Police are getting direct access to the judicial officers. Staff are provoking judges. Need a check.

  7. Now days judges have no sense of humour. How to behave.No one is to ask them.This situation continues then God knows who believes on justice.In 70 years of independence this is the situation.The CJI OF INDIA express his opinion then he should have feeled it in these years as judge.What is the condition of advocates in lower and upper courts.Thank CJI for his daring comment.

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