Can’t Dismiss Petitions Like This: AG KK Venugopal To CJI.

On Monday, Attorney General KK Venugopal expressed his strong disapproval at the manner in which CJI Ranjan Gogoi deals with cases.

Justice Gogoi has been taking tough stance & disposing of matters in a jiffy. Today when a case came up that has AG Venugopal appearing in it, Justice Gogoi was willing to dismiss it. However, AG Venugopal put forward his disapproval to the fact.

“Clients come from far away, from thousands of miles away. They stand at the back and look at this court….as their counsel stands and you say, ‘dismissed!’….This is not the way….Your Lordships have to hear completely! Please see the other courts….”, advanced the AG Venugopal.

CJI Gogoi acceptrd the request & said, “Alright Mr. Venugopal. We take your statement in the right spirit. You may now argue“.

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