Bar Council of Delhi sends legal notice to news channel Aaj Tak for showing lawyers in bad light.

TheBar Council of Delhi has sent a legal notice to news channel ‘Aaj Tak’ for depicting lawyers in the bad light in one of its programs.

The notice asserts that the telecast is defamatory and shows serious derogatory aspersions on the legal profession.

The contents of the advertisement/promo of your TV program in toto is against the dignity, integrity and image of the noble profession of lawyers, apart from the contents being absolutely unethical, unprofessional and demeaning the whole issue of crime and violence against women, which is not expected from an esteemed and prime institution of electronic media like Aaj Tak.”, the notice reads.

In one of the promos for a program titled ‘Sare Jahan se Sacha’, the channel depicts negotiations between a lawyer and his client about a rape case. The lawyer is shown as saying “bachhche hain, galti ho jaati hai” .

The Bar Council has, therefore, demanded that Aaj Tak immediately stop the defamatory telecast. It has also sought a public apology from Aaj Tak, failing which it would take civil and criminal action against the organization.