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Basic elements of a contract

Basic elements of a contract Author: Amit Singh Introduction- Contract is the Law of those agreements which create legal obligations and not simply moral or social ones. For this reason, we must be fully aware of the various elements of a valid contract. Section 10 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 defines and lists the Essentials

Mischief under IPC

Mischief Author: Amit Singh Introduction Mischief is defined in Section 425 and of the Indian Penal Code. Section 426 prescribes the punishment thereof. Section 427 to 440, in which gravity of the offense is aggravated owing to the greater value of wrongful loss or damage of the property than in ordinary cases of mischief. In

Oral Evidence

ORAL EVIDENCE Author: Amit Singh INTRODUCTION According to Indian evidence act 1872, Evidence can be classified between Oral Evidence and Documentary Evidence, and it can be proved by oral evidence of fact or by documentary evidence, it means there are two ways of proving a fact. First One is by produced witnesses of fact, which

Summary Trial

SUMMARY TRIAL (S.260-265)] Author: Amit Singh Introduction What is Summary Trial? Summary trials are quickly disposed of and with the basic procedure of recording the trials. A summary trial is established on the legal maxim ‘justice delayed is justice denied’. It is noted that the summary is simply in recording the proceedings and not in