Sexual Assault faced by Men and Boys

SEXUAL ASSAULT FACED BY MEN AND BOYS : India’s law should recognise that men can be raped too.

AuthorEesh Chaudhary


Whenever we talk about rape and unethical attacks in India or about the crime of sexual nature, then we think about those who are suffering from men against women. It is very rare that we think that men can have only one experience that their respect can be violated in the same way as innumerable women are suffering. For some, the frequency is higher than the others. But the tradition of physical injury – and the resultant trauma – is unmatched in this great country that we know as the land of tolerance and peace.

Reality in India

With the mainstream media and various ways of the world of the Internet, the issue of protection of women has reached fever and equitable crossroads, but unfortunately there is little attention and care reserve for male victims. The same crime is many survivors of rape in India who live in a very bad position compared to some of their counterparts, because Indian society generally ignores the possibility that men can also be raped.


Laws and Problems with them in India

Article 354 A, B, C and D of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) deal with various cases of sexual offenses like sexual harassment, criminal harassment, risk and visibility. In all these laws, women are kept as victims and men are considered to be their culprits.

Similarly, Article 375 of the IPC, which defines rape and determines the punitive measures, does not mention any rape against men. In 2013, JusticeVermasuggested that men should be treated as authors and people of different types of people, such as women, transgender people and men should be included in the area of ​​the victims. However, under the Criminal Law Regulation of 2013, women were insisted on considering the victims of crime.

According to the recently revised Juvenile Justice Act, 18 is a new era of consensual sexual activity. Under this, everything should be rape and as always the boy writer and girl suffer. It goes without saying that women do not have any desire for sexual activity – in fact, it effectively prevents them from becoming one: the conservative is rooted


Severity of problem

The general indifference of the people and the legislators strengthens the conservative and patriarchal views of gender in our country. They play a role in the perception of conservative women and men’s sexuality. Women in India should be popular in one way or another, and their purity is related to family honour. On the other hand, men should be very aggressive – always mentors or predators, but never suffer.

It is believed that in India, men are not afraid and ideally prefer any kind of sexual advancement – a general idea that can be true for some people, but otherwise away from the truth. Arvind Narayan, an advocate of the Alternative Law Forum in Bangalore, said that the recommendations of the Justice Verma Committee should be fully accepted.The fact is that women accept the biggest victim of rape in India, but the same situation can happen with the transgender and the men under the circumstances of the jail and the confrontation.

He said that such circumstances can not be ignored at all costs. Narin informed in Abu Gharib that cases of sexual violence against male soldiers and the violence of the community in India and caste misuse also highlighted their approach.


Masculine representatives in popular culture

In the prevailing Indian culture, Man who reject women’s sexual advances are not considered as Macho who accept them lightly and happily. The fact is that such proposals in the form of women, violate the consent of a man, will never come out. For men, any sexual activity is a positive experience because it gives them an opportunity to emphasize their masculinity. There is nothing that is not consent or abusive.


Status of homosexuals

Overall, there is no place for homosexuality in Indian society. It is not uncommon for LGBT community to face rape for corrective purposes. Often, these activities are approved by colleagues and family members. The general idea in such cases is that homosexuals have a wrong understanding of sexual orientation and they need to be reformed, and this can only be done by acquiring them in connection with the members of the opposite sex. In spite of the frequency of these criminal acts in today’s society, they are not involved in social discussions and debates. Other harassment of this community – even if done by the authorities – is negligible



Women’s perspective on this topic

The Secretary of Indian Progressive Women’s Association (AIPWA), Kavita Krishnan, says that she supports the views of the Justice Verma Committee on rape as a completely non-sexist crime. However, considering the hierarchy of power in Indian society, they do not believe that women should be considered criminal in the definition of sexual harassment and rape in the 2013 criminal law amendment. According to Krishnan, rape is more than just one crime – it is social in nature. Although she does not dispute the possibility that women commit sexual harassment, but she considers such cases as extraordinary. Krishnan points out that there are not many such issues in India. In his opinion, such crimes may happen in the cases of rape or arrest of children.


Do Men have Any Remedy?

It would be wrong to believe that Indian law does not pay any compensation in such cases. Section 377 of IPC, which is considered anti-Sodomy law, was re-introduced in 2014, and male victims can use this law to begin legal action. However, there are also problems with this law. Initially, some people have been described as a homophobic law and there is no clear difference between consent and non-consenting sex between two men. This means that men can also join the court and can bring justice in pleasant sexual intercourse. The fact that sexual violence can be used against men is not recognized by this law. This is just gender of people – people who have suffered similarly to non-gender, there is no legal purpose for them.



To make this world safer, we have to keep our sons and daughters equally safe. Rape of men should be a criminal offense, as well as in principle women should be raped. Patriarchy does not protect our boys compared to our boys. The report may be due to the provision of patriarchy to seek help among the victims of men and women victims of very low rates and sexual abuse in India. This social concept is usually used to understand the subordination of girls and women, the fact is that despite the gender, those who suffer the right despite the victims, they are afflicted, due to their biology and this myth The reason is also superficial unethical expectations to overcome the harmful effects of untreated sexual abuse.