PIL on Seat Reservation Pattern in Sikkim Assembly.

A bench of Sikkim High court comprising Justice B.R Pradhan and Justice Meenakshi M. Rai on Monday sought the reply of the respondents in a PIL filed by Sikkim Gorkha Jagran Sangh before the curt on the seat reservation pattern in the Sikkim assembly.

Lawyers of the Petitioner Manoj Goyal informed that PIL was basically demanding the rights to equality in the state of Sikkim where the minority community was ruling over the majority community by virtue of the existing disproportionate seat reservation pattern.

He said 18% of people belonging to Bhutia-Lepcha community were enjoying 41 percent of seats in the state assembly which had no parallel.  This was not proportional in any way and it was a scenario where the minority was controlling the majority. This was undemocratic.

The community mentioned in the PIL were ahead in every field of the society, he said. They are at every bureaucratic level, educationally they are also far ahead and in every field they are far ahead.

In R.C Poudyal v. union of India, the apex court has mentioned that reservation would be implemented only for the transitional phase.

Their basic demand is that the right to equality should prevail in Sikkim as it is the only state where the minority is ruling the majority.

Report By : Raghvendra Kumar