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Alliance School of Law, Alliance University is approved by the Bar Council of India (BCI), New Delhi. The Alliance School of Law offers two five-year, integrated undergraduate courses in law, viz., Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Law Honors – B.A. LL. B. (Hons.) and Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Law Honors – B.B.A LL. B. (Hons.), as well as a 3-years LLB course that has been carefully crafted and designed to prepare its graduates for rewarding careers in various roles and responsibilities in legal service organizations. Alliance School of Law also offers a full-time, one-year Master of Law (LL.M.) degree with specializations in Constitutional and Administrative Law, Corporate and Commercial Law, Intellectual Property Law, Criminal and Security Law, Taxation Law and Legal Pedagogy and Research, to develop strong research expertise in law and legal principles. Alliance School of Law also offers a Ph.D. programme. The Law School has established various centres for advanced legal studies and research, to facilitate engagements with various sections of the society for deliberations over a variety of socio-legal issues through initiatives such as Books, Journals, Blogs, etc.

About the Workshop

Alliance Centre for Intellectual Property Rights (ACIPR) under the aegis of Alliance School of Law, Alliance University, Bengaluru is organizing a “NATIONAL WORKSHOP ON ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE’S IMPACT ON INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY” on April, 26th 2023 in commemoration of World Intellectual Property Day, 2023.    

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become ubiquitous in our daily lives, and its impact can be felt across a broad spectrum of fields. With the swift development of AI, it becomes paramount to understand its interplay with the present legal framework. The Intellectual Property (IP) framework is one of the most suitable regime to deal with the regulation of AI, which is indispensable in the current scenario. This Workshop has been designed to offer an insight into AI’s impact on IP.   

Students of any year from Five year or Three-year courses or LLM Courses from any college or university, academicians, research scholars or any individuals interested in Intellectual Property Rights.

Mode: Blended (Zoom Platform)
Dates: Interested individuals must register before 24 th of April 2023.

Fees: The registration fees shall be Rs. 100 which shall be paid at the time of the registration.

Link: The link for registration will be open till 23.59hrs on 24th of April 2023.

Registration Link:
Alliance University Participants: https://forms.office.com/r/HWtqDk8XKd

Other Law School/ College Participants: https://forms.gle/9GUeoMYzSo3Ds56r5
(No fee for Alliance University Students and Faculty members, but registration is mandatory for

E-Certificates will be provided to all registered attendees.

Resource Persons:

 Dr. Sheetal Vohra, Managing Partner and Founder, Vohra & Vohra, Gurgaon, Haryana.

Mr. Bharadwaj Jaishankar, Partner, Indus Law, Bengaluru.

Mr. Madhusudan S.T, Partner & Practice Lead (Electronics & Engineering), K&S Partners, Bengaluru.

Ms. Ramya Rao, Partner (Computer & Electronics, Design), K&S Partners, Bengaluru

Contact Information
General Query: In case of any query regarding the workshop, kindly reach out to
Mr.Paarth Samdani- 8007504772/ Ms. Ipsita Sarkar- 8010237968
Email: [email protected]
To know more about ACIPR please visit: https://www.alliance.edu.in/committees/acipr/
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Web pagehttps://www.alliance.edu.in/committees/acipr/

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Prof. S Chakravarthy Naik
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Prof. Shubhi Trivedi
Alliance Centre for Intellectual Property Rights (ACIPR)

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