National Youth Conference on ADR Mechanism.





National Youth Conference on ADR Mechanism



Spectrum is a Delhi based NGO, working towards improving lives of people and has been continuously working towards spreading legal awareness in society to the downtrodden who do not have access to justice and are not aware of their basic legal rights, as part of their goal to spread legal awareness Spectrum is organizing a National Youth conference on Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms and seminar papers for the same are invited from the academicians, practitioners, researchers, scholars and students on the issues related to the above themes.


It is also proposed that the selected papers by the Committee will be published in a special volume on the Seminar in the form of an edited book with ISSN No. Authors of selected papers would be given an opportunity to present their papers as per requirement of the theme during sessions on the day of the seminar.



Alternative Dispute Resolution is being increasingly acknowledged in the field of law and commercial sector. The very reasons for origin of Alternative Dispute Resolution are tiresome processes of litigation, higher costs and inadequacy of the court system. In the final quarter of the last century, there was phenomenal growth of science and technology.

In this context, dispute resolution through ADR techniques are seen as more effective and viable. Considering its significance, Spectrum is organizing a Youth

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Conference on Alternative Dispute Resolution with the following proposed objective:

  • To enhance the knowledge, understanding and scope of ADR;
  • To explore and expound the understanding of the emerging trends of ADR;
  • To create awareness of importance of ADR as part of justice delivery system;
  • To strengthen the implementation of ADR effectively;
  • To equip the students and professionals with practical aspect of ADR techniques to promote independent career in the field; &
  • To look for futuristic assessment of best practice in the area of ADR

In this background there is an incessant call to hold seminars, conferences, workshops, symposia and discussions to elicit valuable inputs from the ground so as to effectively shed light on the usage of the best practices of dispute resolution techniques in India.



  • Development of ADR in India
  • Analysis of Arbitration Council of India under the proposed Arbitration and Conciliation (Amendment) Bill, 2018
  • Potential of International Arbitration to handle disputes arising cross border
  • Online Dispute Resolution as an upcoming solution
  • Critical analysis of Permanent Lok Adalats in India
  • ADR Mechanism over lengthy Court procedures
  • Mediation and Conciliation as methods of resolving disputes in India


Venue: Indian Society of International Law, Opposite to Supreme Court of India, New Delhi




  • Date of Event: 13th January, 2019
  • Last date of abstract submission: 22nd December’2018


CONTACT DETAILS: [email protected] or 9718538745


  • Last date of registration for authors and attendees: 25th Decemeber’2018
  • Last date of full paper submission: 6th January’2019




  • Paper submission and opportunity to attend the conference is open for College and University Students Postgraduates & Research Scholars of all Courses/Streams
  • A candidate is eligible to submit only one entry.
  • More than one entry from the same college is permitted.




  • Candidates shall send a declaration paper that paper is free from plagiarism along with the cover letter mentioning details of the author.
  • Any entry not adhering to registration rules shall not be entertained.
  • Co-authorship is allowed for maximum two authors.
  • Registration fee mentioned below is required to be paid by the candidates through paytym (paytym no. Laxmi Kayat 8587971695) along with their name and institution.










  • Publication charges will apply to papers selected for publication in the journal with ISSN no.




  • The completed research paper along with Abstract, Covering Letter and Declaration Form shall be submitted by the candidate in the form of a soft copy (MS Word Format) to [email protected] with the


subject of the email as: “Submission of paper” on or before 6th January’18

[11:59 pm].


CONTACT DETAILS: [email protected] or 9718538745


  • The completed essay along with abstract, covering letter and signed declaration form shall be sent by email to [email protected] and the subject of the email while submitting abstract should be “Abstract

Submission” and for final essay “Submission of paper”.


  • A cover letter shall be made as a separate document in MS Word format and separately attached as a file in the e-mail along with the completed essay which shall consist of details mentioned below:
    • Full name and address of the Candidate
  • Name and full address of the college/ university
  • Theme selected for the essay
  • E- mail of the candidate/ contact details
  • All completed essay shall be submitted in MS Word format and PDF format.
  • The word limit of the abstract is 250 words, and the completed essay must be in the range of 2500-3000 words inclusive of footnotes (explanatory footnotes are not permitted)
  • Font type should be Times New Roman and the font size should be 12pts throughout the text of the essay and 10pts for the footnotes. Line spacing to be maintained at 1.5 throughout the normal text and 1.0 for the footnotes.
  • Footnotes must follow the Bluebook: A uniform system of citation (Harvard, 20th edition)
  • The essay should not contain any names or other marks. Code will provided, only that is supposed to be mentioned on the document. Anonymity shall be strictly adhered to, in case of any violation, there shall be a direct disqualification of the candidate from the competition.
  • No late submissions will be entertained under any circumstances.
  • Confirmation regarding acceptance of abstract will be notified within one week or 10 days from the date of submission of abstract.




While assessing the document following will be constitute the marking scheme:


  • Originality and clarity of the content


CONTACT DETAILS: [email protected] or 9718538745


  • Quality of the analysis and research
  • Language and structure of the essay
  • Suggestions and Recommendation




  • All the essays submitted shall be the exclusive property of organizers.
  • Organizers shall be free to use the information/views therein in any matter requires
  • Organizers decision in deciding the winners shall be final and binding and NO query, correspondence in this regard shall be entertained by organizers.



  • Essay incompatible with the above rules and conditions will not be considered.
  • Submission of the entries to the competition implies acceptance of the above terms and conditions by the participant(s).
  • Top 3 essays– Essays standing in top 3 of all entries will be awarded with Certificate of Merit, trophies and cash prizes along with that a chance to present their paper in the conference.
  • Certificate of participation– Certificate of Participation will be provided to all participants submitting their papers for the conference and all attendees who are attending the full conference.

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