Interview with Ms. Sukriti, CAO at Live Law

Ms. Sukriti, Chief Administrative Officer At LiveLaw 

Q1. Kindly introduce yourself. Your early education and all.

I am Sukriti currently working at as Chief Administrative Officer. I did my graduation (B.A.LL. B (Hons)) from University Institute of Law, Rani Durgawati University and Master in Law from Rabindranath University, Bhopal. I am associated with LiveLaw since September 2013. All these years I have worked with various startups in different fields. Been associated with several law journals as a contributing editor. Overall, I tried to explore different avenues of the industry by working and learning in the process which is still ongoing.

Q2. What motivated you to work with live law?

I loved the idea and the concept upon which LiveLaw is based. It had been a tough journey but we never compromised with our principal and ethics which laid the foundation of LiveLaw. I was a naïve, inexperienced law student who was working as a freelancer for different journals and run a small FB group. LiveLaw actually introduced me to the world of legal journalism and digital marketing. My quest for exploring an unconventional route always driven me towards LiveLaw.

Q3. According to you what is the reason behind the success of live law in such short span of time?

The combination of faith, hard work consistency, and teamwork has always been the secret of LiveLaw’s successful journey so far. The success of LiveLaw was possible because of Consistency, Commitment, and Courage. From a blog to India’s leading news network it took the tireless effort of each and every member associated with LiveLaw. It’s not a team but we call it a family that always stood with each other and believed the vision and made all possible efforts to make it happen.

Q4. Please tell us about your journey till now with live law?

It has been a wonderful learning experience so far. I was in the third year of law when I started working with LiveLaw as an Intern. I started working on the social media promotions of LiveLaw on all possible platforms, pages, groups. I worked as an Assistant Editor, learned the basics of legal journalism. Worked on different roles in sales, marketing, and PR. Currently working as the Chief Administrative of LiveLaw.

Q4. What message would you like to give to your readers?

Always believe in yourself and try to explore as much as possible as you can. Leave no stones unturned and explore all the possible opportunities which come to your way. Never limit yourself nor depend always on the conventional sources of knowledge. The sources are unlimited just you need to explore them. Always be consistent in your approach. Skills and success don’t come overnight you have striven towards it every day. These 5 years of law college will define your journey, and it’s up to you how to groom yourself. So utilize your time, sort out your priorities, and work on it.  Always remember no one can stop you till the time you like to be stopped.

Q5. What’s your future plans?

I never discuss my plans because I rarely make one. Our actions must speak louder than words. And that’s what I too believe in