Interview : Adv. Tushar Agarwal

Introduction :

Advocate Tushar Agarwal. He did his LL.B. from Amity Law School, Noida. He is a practicing lawyer since 2016. His main area of practice is criminal law. He frequently appears in Delhi High court and various District courts. He is a passionate about solving complex legal propositions by doing extensive legal research. He is proud to be part of such a learned fraternity.

Interviewer : Mr. Ayush, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi.


Q) How you see future in new sectors in law like cyber law etc.,which emerge recently?

A) Emerging area always brings with itself new challenges as well as opportunities. So in one way it is easy to make carrier in mushrooming field as you face less competition but at the same time person making efforts to pursue any new field has to struggle as he doesn’t find anyone experienced in that field.

Talking about in relation to law , then being a dynamic subject, new branches of law have lots of scope for upcoming as well as existing law professionals.

Q) What qualities one should have  to be a lawyer or judge and what  other carrier you see except lawyer or judge in law?

A)Lawyer and a judge are persons standing on opposite sides of the same table. Both are entrusted with duty to uphold the dignity of the law of the land.

But both should have some peculiar qualities to become successful. For example: A lawyer should have good communication and arguing skills. However a judge should have good analaysing and interpretation skills.

Apart from these two professions in law, there are many other fields in law to practice. For example: Teacher, Legal Advisor, Legislator, Legal Writer, legal policy analysist, Legal aid etc.

Q) what your views on UCC , though it is mention in constitution but diversity in India make it impossible?

A) Its true that because of diversity in India, implementation of UCC is quite difficult. In India its implementation would be possible only when people will follow the Nationality as their first religion. Before being a Hindi or whatsoever, one should think that he or she is an Indian.

UCC is not a bad idea but it’s possible only when terrorism in the name of religion will be eliminated.

Q) any suggestion to solve the problem of pending cases in subordinate court ,as it crosses 2 crores?


  1.  Appointment of more number of judges
  2. Creation of specialized Tribunals dealing with specific subjects.
  3. Time bound disposal of cases
  4. Promotion to Alternate Dispute Resolution like Mediation, Arbitration.
  5. Digitalization of lower courts


Q) what advice you want to give to new comers in law field?

A)There is a lot to learn about Indian Legal System. New comers coming in the law field should have focused approach. They should apply more focus on practical learning.

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