Internship Experience with


Name: Abhinav Srivastava, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi 

A good internship is always the need of every law student especially during a pandemic, because everyone is seeking an opportunity to work and when I applied for an internship during COVID-19 under Indian legal solution; I thought the same that this online internship will enhance my research and writing skill. Raghvendra sir gave me this wonderful opportunity to work under this website, he gave me the task on a regular basis related to article writing on various national and international topics and research extensively on the same.

They review every article thoroughly after 3 days after the allotment of topics and suggest the changes if any. Not only this, along with this internship I got an opportunity to work under a Mumbai-based law firm which is Lawlibero, where under the guidance of Megha ma’am I got to know about work like writing legal notice, doing case briefs, research on trademark matters and other civil matters. She was very kind, supportive and ready to help anyone at any time.

When I applied for this internship I had no idea that they would give me remuneration (Not everyone gets the remuneration, only selected interns are being paid for their work).

This online internship is so worthy, as they recognize your work and shape the same. There are no cons in this internship for me because they do and give only those works which enhanced your skills.