Duty of judges to encourage junior lawyers in open court when they argue well.

“It also becomes the duty of a good judge to encourage junior lawyers in open court if he has argued well. Say that they have done their best! That gives a lot of encouragement. I got that kind of encouragement I when had entered the profession so I always tried to pass it on” : Justice A. K. Sikri on Monday.

On their part, he also urged the young lawyers to prepare a brief as if their senior was not going to argue it :

“It is the duty of junior lawyers to prepare briefs well regardless of whether the senior is there. It should not be like you know it will be argued by the senior so you shouldn’t know anything about it and you will hear him argue and learn from there. Prepare as if the senior is not going to argue! And that situation may come up. If you want judges to encourage you, it is no use if you simply ask for a pass over”