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Right To Be Forgotten

AUTHOR: VAISHNAVI VATS, BANASTHALI VIDYAPEETH, JAMNALAL BAJAJ SCHOOL OF LEGAL STUDIES INTRODUCTION The concept of the Right to be forgotten refers to one’s right to have his/her personal information removed from every “public source”, like websites, internet search engines, and other similar platforms, once such information renders irrelevant or unnecessary. The origin of the right

Rights of Manual Scavengers

Author: Anisha Tak, Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab Introduction Manual scavenging is the act of removing the excreta from dry toilets manually. It was reduced under colonial rule in India due to the development of toilets which consisted of flush systems. However, this practice is still in existence in the country.[1] This practice

A Critical Appraisal Of The Right To Education

Author: Visheshta Kalra, BBA.LLB(H), Amity Law School, Noida INTRODUCTION Education is a fundamental freedom that is decisive and fundamental for the functioning of the other fundamental freedoms. Promotes unique opportunities and strengthens and generates significant improvement benefits. Yet a large number of children and adults are denied the freedom to teach, many out of necessity.

Abortion Laws

Author: Samay Jain, Institute of Law, Nirma University Introduction Abortion is a method of terminating a pregnancy. The embryo or the unborn child, as well as the placenta, are removed from the uterus using medication or surgery. A licensed health care practitioner operates. The choice to abort a fetus is a very sensitive one. In

Law, Justice And Common Men

Author: Nidhi Chaudhary 2nd year BA.LLB, Banasthali Vidhyapith “ Law without Justice is a wound without cure” -William Scott Downey Introduction When an individual or a common man behaves uniformly under some specified conditions, showing Regularities in their behaviour, such a situation is characterized by law. The main cause of Regularities and Orderliness in the

Regulation Of Artificial Intelligence

Author: Ashwin Singh, Student, Symbiosis Law School, Pune (Symbiosis International Deemed University) INTRODUCTION  Life has evolved from humans performing tasks on their own to machines achieving the same for them. The phase has reversed, from people believing in hard work to smart work. This is the new era of technology. With the introduction of computers,