Car Modification laws in India

Car Modification laws in India

Author: Geet Jain from a final year Law student from Indore Institute of Law


Diversification means a change in the structure of a vehicle which results in a change in its basic structure. India’s car modification industry pegged rupees 50 crores (Rs. 500 Million) and is seeing a positive year on year’s growth, modification can cost anything between a few lakhs to a few crores depending upon a modification job. According to the government norms a modified car can be evaluated at three testing centers Automotive Research Association of India Pune, Vehicle Research and development establishment, Ahmednagar and the Indian Institute of planning and management, Dehradun. However, the government should be considered by making these checks locally available. But the local regional transport offices need to improve infrastructure to do these types of certifications. Justice Mishra in the judgment said that since the vehicle manufacturers to test the prototype for roadworthiness, safety and include them in the specifications and so modifying a vehicle to alter this might prove unsafe. Justice Mishra said that it was amended with the purpose to prohibit alteration of vehicles in any manner including change of tires of higher capacity, keeping in view road safety and protection of the environment.

Car modification

It means vehicle modification when you are arranging or renewing your car insurance, your insurer requires information about whether your car insurance, your insurer recommended important information about whether your car has been modified during the appositeness or determinedly process you will usually be asked for details of any adaptation.

Vehicle Modification laws in India

Section 52 of Motor Vehicle Act as amended in 2000 fully

Section 52- Diversification in Motor Vehicle

No heir apparent of a motor vehicle shall so make different the vehicle that the conversion contained in certificate of enrollment is at dissidence with those exactly mentioned by the manufacturer, provided that where the owner of the motor vehicle makes conversion of the engine or any part thereof a vehicle for foliating its instrumentality by different type of fuel or source of energy, by frumenty of a conversion kit, comprised natural gas, solar power, liquid petroleum or any other fuel or authority of energy.

Car Modification common in India is

  1. Bigger and resounding enervate

Drives caught with an excessively enervate may receive on the spot fine and could have their car taken off the road until the antagonized impoverish is extracted.

  1. Tinted Windows

Colored Windows are legal as long as they meet certain criteria, the driver could be splintering the law if they go too dark or tint the wrong windows, by law the front windows have to let a minimum of 70% light through and minimum 75% through the windscreen.

  1. Behemothic Pillager

A Pillager must be safely preserved to the bodywork to make sure it won’t detach when being driven. It shouldn’t have any hazardously sharp edges or obstructs the driver’s view.

  1. Neo light

No light can be a nuisance and they are almost exclusively illegal when fitted on regular cars. The law states that only white lights can be fitted to the oculus at the front and red lights to the back of the car, can be fitted beneath a car although the tubing must not be on the show as this is also illegal.

  1. Subwoofers

Playing music too loudly from a car stereo can lead to drivers awakening from the police. The law states that the police can seize a vehicle that engenders alarm distress or exasperation to members of the public.

  1. Blowing car suspension

Lowered cars are not consequently breaking the law, but they may attract the consideration of police, also a lower may struggle to get over speed dumps, which could result in serious damage to the undersurface of the vehicle.

Car adaptation can determinedly affect how insurer access your car insurance policy in 2 key areas

  1. Risk of accident

An adaption that alters the look and performance of your vehicle is an admittance by the insurer to be a higher accident risk, these include engine changes sports seats, body kits, and spoiler, etc, such modifications such as phone kits and DVD players, increase the chance that a vehicle is broken into or stolen.

  1. Risk of theft

Some modifications such as phone kits or consummation modifications also increase the chance that your vehicle is broken or stolen. There are some occupational car adaptations such as aftermarket fitted sat novas and phone kits can also increase insurance cost because they are considered a high theft risk, whereas other scans deduct premiums.

   Customize Cars in India

Generally, customs unions of cars are not legal in India, you can change the colour of by implement the acknowledgment from the concerned regional transport officer and drive without any vassal.

  • Body apparatus

Most of the body kits are bold on and are completely legal if the body kit does not change the structure of the vehicle it is legal and can be used without any problems.

  • Adjournments

The suspension of cars can be replaced with high-performance aftermarket ones for a much better ride quality without any problems.

  • Artillery Lamps

The artillery lamps should not be equipped above the prominence of stock headlamps and should be covered when floating on public roads.

  • LED Inserts

Similarly, the tails lamps can be modified with LED intercalate to make them look upmarket, however changing the colour of the tail lamp is a criminal affiance.

  • Making the car plusher

The motor vehicle act freeze changing the number of seats in the car, however people can make the compartment feel much plusher with aftermarket modifications in the car.

  • Fuel Alteration

Altering the fuel with bad quality products can turn out to the ruinous in an event of accident or destruction.

  • Safety Features

It is much more price effective way. The warranty of the vehicle may get canceled for the electrical modifications, but no cop would seize your car seize for it.

  • Convenience features

Car owners can install aftermarket accessorized to make during easier people who buy diminished variants often do not get such a feature of accessibility.

  • Embodiment Cloak

Body wraps have become absolutely an inclination in the Indian market, there are numerous repair shop and car shops that can intimately various types of cloaks that look extremely goods on the car, applying body wraps is completely legal it cannot change the original colour of the vehicle.

  • Tyre Upsizing

One of the most common signs of progress in India in a new car is the wheels. However, if you ensconce truck tires or very large tires that affect the superintendence unsympathetically it can cause certain problems and the car may get seized too.

Carp Wrap Legal in India

If you want to do it legally you can with the acknowledgment of the Regional transport officer through this car wrapping legal in India, and it should legal because many AD associations put up their Ads on the car which is made of a wrap.

Is it legal because it changes colour of your car (full or partial), I personable have not come transversely any laws that state a vinyl car wrap is illegal? The facts remain that no matter what colour or textures of vinyl wraps that are used, the main colour which is noted on the RC booklet doesn’t change.

Is it illegal in India to modify engines by customizing it in an automobile, the change that can be authorized at the Regional transport office is only internal changes, like fuel, engine, and battery, etc, not extraneous modifications?

According to the Automotive research association of India, a modified car needs to undergo manifold mandatory checks by a government recognized agencies and the car is legalized illegal for the road, the Indian government has strict rules regarding car modifications and illegal cars can be commandeer recognized.

Illegal Car modifications in India

  1. Limo fabricating
  2. Exo Smelting Car
  3. Super Dark Tint casement
  4. Chop weaken
  5. Exhaust Modifications
  6. Fancy Number plates
  7. Custom Car Building
  8. Very Loud sheezer
  9. Rolling coal undulating
  10. Nitrous Inoculation Kit
  11. Engine Interchange without RTO permission
  12. Roofs modification
  13. Increase in weight of a car
  14. Peeper modified


According to my perspective modified cars have always been in vogue persevere to entire Car lovers across the country, but number of persons knows that modification of your car is sometimes illegal in India, because it affects laws number of rules and regulations create noise and nuisance in the society modifications of cars illegal for the roads if proper procedure not followed and it is also mentioned it is illegal inroads if proper procedure is not followed by the human beings, However, if you cloak to paint your vehicle in a new car you will have to get it to endorse on the registration certificate of car by visiting local regional transport officer. You must always tell your insurance provider if you are modified your vehicle in any way if you don’t your insurance could be invalid, you could be unable to make a claim on that situation.