Increasing Suicides and Its Prevention

Increasing Suicides and Its Prevention.

Author: Mr. Abhishek Naharia, RGNUL, Patiala

The First Incident. 

This Article has been written keeping in mind the suicides of 2 students recently in a series of events which brought much havoc amongst the society. The first suicide dealt with here is of a 19-year old boy who had died in Chennai after he was being ridiculed for being a homosexual. Avinshu Patel, who hailed from Mumbai, before dying had shared a facebook page wherein he had said that everyone knows he is a boy and that not everyone likes that. The way he thinks, the way he walks, the way he talks is of a girl, and that has made all the difference. He said in his Facebook post before dying that people do not entertain the fact that he was gay. Although he used to work in a saloon in Chennai, he used to face the violation. The post said that no blame shall be laid down on his family because they were the only ones who had supported him at that point in time.

The Second Incident. 

Payal Tadvi, a second-year, 26years old Post-Graduate student committed suicide in her hostel room on the 22nd of May. The Forensic Department recovered the note by the 6th of July and as soon as the note came out in public, it drew humungous outrage in the people. So, basically there were these 3 people Hema Ahuja, Bhakti Mehare and Ankita Khandelwal who had taunted her on her caste and as per the intricacy of the matter goes, the note says that she tried outreaching every possible person and that nobody came forward in her support. The trio has been booked under IPC 306 (abatement of suicide), IPC 201 (destruction of evidence), Maharashtra Prohibition of Ragging Act and Prevention of Atrocities of the SC & ST Act. 

The Risk Factors.

As it is prima facie crystal clear from the above two incidences that the major factor that is responsible for the Suicide is the abuse from the Society. Further, the insensitiveness of Society is another thing that we need to keep in mind while dealing with such incidences. Now, talking about the risk factors of suicide, let’s deliberate upon the family history of suicide and impulsive behaviors which are the most significant factors that we see with regards to Suicide.

Warning Signs. 

That not everyone exhibits the same sign everywhere, but then also if we talk about the major signs of suicides, we could say that they are depression, socially withdrawn people. Risky behaviors in life, self-harm behaviors, talking hopelessly about nothing to live, etc., researching suicide methods and acquiring weapons that could harm and injure the person seriously. 

What can Help: Suicide Prevention.

When so much of the population of the people talk about suicides, not many of them really give the steps that can be taken to cure the same. Firstly, expressing the concern might help a person who has suicidal tendencies up-to a great extent. This is due to the fact that once the concern is expressed, then we say that there is no fear or problem left in the mind of the person. So as soon as the problem fades away, we could say that suicide could be prevented. 

Really listening to what the person is saying is what could help a person who is suicidal. What happens in general cases of suicide is that the person separates himself from the rest of the world and then he comes into a condition where he has a tendency to ignore everything he comes across. 

Maintaining connections is one thing people should deliberate upon. A person might want to safeguard a child or a teen by keeping him home in a protective cocoon, but the point that needs to be considered is that this might increase rather than decrease the risk of suicides. The parents and other family members of the teens need to be more co-operative when it comes to things like these. 

Being compassionate about everything that one has in life and prioritizing the safety are other easy ways by which the suicide can be prevented.