Bona fide

Bona fide


In Good faith, Genuine, Action done in Good faith


For Example: If there is a bona fide and reasonable dispute as to a substantial part of the debt on which the petition is based, and the defence is a substantial one, the Court tends to refuse winding up.

In the circumstances, we hold that defendant no.14 was a bona fide purchaser for value and the alienation effected by defendant no.14 in favour of defendants no.15 to 20 was valid.[1]

In Ramesh v. A. Balreddy,[2] respondents had obtained the order of eviction as her daughter was a doctor and wanted to open the clinic on the same property. Defendant’s son in law was also a doctor. The apex court rejected the plea necessity of the respondent’s daughter can be easily taken care of by her husband hence requirement of premises by the defendant is not bona fide – not genuine.

[1] Crystal Developers vs Smt. Asha Lata Ghosh … on 5 October, 2004

[2] Ramesh vs A. Balreddy on 14 May, 1990, SC 1376

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