Who needs an accident attorney after a car crash?

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Who needs an accident attorney after a car crash?

Hundreds of accidents take place on the roads of Maryland every day. Some of them are too minor to catch the eye of popular media, while a few are devastating enough to leave a mark on those involved and the witnesses. These car collisions often cause bodily harm and loss of personal property. Some can cause long-term physical disability, while others can result in lifelong emotional trauma.

Representing yourself in a car accident can go down south rapidly. When the time comes to claim financial compensation or healthcare reimbursement, an expert accident attorney can be of great assistance. A reputed car accident lawyer may handle several collision cases at one go. He or she should have enough experience with cases like yours.

Everyone needs an accident attorney!

Most people expect the involvement of a car accident lawyer after a major accident, but when insurance claims are present, it might be a wise decision to give your accident attorney a call from the scene of the crash. The car accident lawyer can assist you in drafting the claim and receive payment from the insurance provider on time.

Here are a few instances when you might consider getting an accident lawyer on your team –

Experiencing delayed symptoms of injury

In most states, including Maryland, the law permits the injured party to file claims within a specified period after the accident. Sometimes, traumas do not show up after a crash immediately. Symptoms like headaches, neck pains, and emotional trauma might take time to show up. More importantly, emotional effects including PTSD from a traumatic accident can leave a long-lasting impact on those involved. Stress and anxiety arising from the incident can take a toll on a person’s personal and professional life. Proving such instances can be difficult without a legal professional on your team.

Handling multiple reimbursement claims

The common man does not know insurance procedures and laws to take care of the reimbursement processes after a crash. Some of the most straightforward open-and-shut cases can take ugly and complicated turns in the court. It is imperative to have legal aid if you have any plans of settling the matter in court. If you are thinking about filing an injury lawsuit, you will most definitely require the expertise of an attorney to draft your case. Even when you are unsure about filing a lawsuit, speak with an accident lawyer since the first consultation is usually free of charge.

A complicated situation with little available guidance

In Maryland, you will find several car accident attorneys, but only a few of them have a steady rate of winning personal injury lawsuits or accident related lawsuits as well. Always hire an expert accident lawyer who specializes in accident cases like yours. If you were involved in a motorcycle or electric bike accident, you should look for someone who has won similar situations before.

The requirement of support staff

You will have doctors for treating your injuries, but many expert firms also have medical experts at their disposal. They can evaluate your claim and provide corroboration to your claims in court. They can help you with your personal injury claims and interpret the medical reports in court. Your accident attorney and his or her team can ensure that you are receiving the best possible treatment for your injuries.

Not all attorneys can handle complex lawsuits that involve multiple payers. Conduct thorough research before you hire your accident attorney.

When can you afford NOT to hire an attorney?

However, there are a few instances when you might not require an accident attorney at all. Here are some of those rare situations, where you may not need to seek the expert help of a lawyer.

  1. There were no injuries

There might be scenarios when cars were the only things that suffered damage. None of the people involved in the crash suffered a scratch. Although rare, people driving state-of-the-art cars with smart alert systems and ABS braking are comparatively safer during car accidents than those driving old-school stick shifts without proper airbag deployment systems. Seatbelts also play an important role in safety while driving. Research shows, cases where the driver, as well as the passengers on the back seat, were wearing seatbelts suffered less from the impact as compared to those who did not take proper precautionary measures.


If no one suffered any injuries from the accident and there was no significant damage to personal property, pursuing a personal injury lawsuit may not be worthwhile.


  1. There are no complications at all

Speak with a medical professional and utilize your first free consultation to speak with an accident lawyer immediately afterwards. Once your doctor clears you of all risk and your lawyer also suggests that you may not require the assistance of a legal professional, you can skip hiring an attorney altogether.


  • Your case might end up in the small claims court

There might be a scenario, where you end up with a possible compensation amount so low that the lawyer’s fee becomes heftier than the compensation. Although most accident lawyers are likely to work on a contingency, they might expect a flat fee when the case proceeds to a small claims court. You need to do the math and speak with the attorney you are consulting, before deciding about hiring or NOT hiring the firm’s services.


  1. When the insurance company is offering a fair amount

It is a rare scenario, but it is possible for a few “lucky” automobile owners. When the insurance company is ready to pay the compensation you believe is entirely fair, there is little need to hire an attorney. You might already have the experience necessary to negotiate with your insurance provider, and you can settle for the best amount from the company.

Sadly, for most vehicle owners, the scenario is not favourable. Insurance companies rarely play fair, and there is always the chance of the other driver suing for damages to their car. If you are afraid of losing money and time in a personal injury or property damage lawsuit, it makes complete sense to hire an experienced accident lawyer.


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