Virtual Internship experience with

Name of the Student, College and Year of Study

Divya Vishal, National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi, 4th year.

Name of the Organization

About the organization is a Unit of Raghvendra Kumar and Associates LLP (AAO-0844), is a top legal website of the country.  It is recognized by Startup India, Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India, Government of India.

Duration of Internship

15th June, 2020 to 31st July, 2020

About the Internship

Due to the current worldwide outbreak of COVID-19, many law students have suffered from the loss of cancellation of their internships. The students have resorted to virtual internships.

The online internship program under is an extensive program that has helped me to appreciate the vastness as well as the depth of the world of law. As it was an online internship, we were given a detailed task sheet that included all the work and the deadlines.

The work was mainly divided into five groups that are writing legal articles, notes, practical guide articles, case comments, and drafting a bail application. The work was mainly research-oriented and so we have to research and write articles on various topics that were allotted to us and submit it within a specific time limit. For each assignment, we were given an average of 3-5 days of time. I was able to experience and learn a lot from this internship. One of the main things was that while topics were given, we were allowed creative freedom which helped us to do the work better. Researching intensely on so many topics has definitely helped me improve my researching abilities. It also has helped me improve my writing abilities as well as my networking capabilities. We have to prepare an informative but analytical write-ups. Everything was at the perfect time, no delay in the matter of task assignment.

After every article, they review the article and suggest on every point what is lacking, how one can improve that part, if any. A friendly behavior while discussing or in the matter of any doubt.