Mob Lynching, and the selective outrage

Mob Lynching, and the selective outrage

Author- Pallav vats, Geeta Institute of Law, Panipat

Recently, in our country, the incidents of mob lynching have suddenly been increased but the main question that arises here is why only the mob lynching of ‘Tabrez   Ansari’ or ‘Aklakh’ are the one that gets highlighted not the lynching of ‘ChandanGupta’ or ‘BharatYadav’. Today if we make a search on Google about mob-lynching then most of the links that will have appeared are of mob lynching on Muslims in the name of cow smuggling. It may be because of their TRP games or a perfect example of biased yellow journalism or maybe the harsh truth of our insensitive society

Politicians are trying hard to build their vote banks and Yellow journalism is in its peak which is bad signs for India as a secular country. Our pseudo-secularism will cost us heavily one day. Everyone is condemning and should condemn this type of barbaric incident but don’t you think why suddenly so many similar cases of lynching of Muslims by Hindu’s mob is happening. It may be well-planned propaganda, something fishy. Recently, as per the ‘Mumbai mirror’ in Cooch Behar, West Bengal, a Muslim man was made to do sit-ups for not chanting Jai Shri Ram shockingly by another Muslim man. It is a serious attempt to defame another religion

Media, hunger for TRPs and politicians, greed for votes leads us to a state where outrages come for only selective incidents. A 40-year-old dentist, Dr. Pankaj Narang was brutally killed by an angry mob on the night of Wednesday, March 23, 2016, before his 8-year-old son, in west Delhi’s Vikaspuri area but our media was busy in covering India vs Bangladesh match despite this, killing of 52-year-old Mohammad AkhlaqSaifi in Sept 2015, was given prime time footage and front-page coverage by various media channels and newspapers. Akhlaqwas killed due to the suspicion of consuming beef by a mob in Bisara village near Dadri, Uttar Pradesh. FIR. FIR was registered against ten people, who were of the killing. Even, politicians were quick to make a visit to Akhlaq’s family members. The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Akhilesh Yadav and home minister RajnathSingh was among few politicians who assured justice will be given to the bereaved family members. Many politicians issued statements on the case. Many intellectuals returned their awards and protesting over intolerance in the country. Then, the other cases are RohithVemula, a student of the University of Hyderabad, who committed suicide inside his hostel room on Jan 17, 2016, leaving behind a hand-written suicide note. His suicide sparked outrage across India. This incident was highly politicized by making it a case of discrimination against Dalits. His death was not only highly politicized, but was also hyped by the media of not only this country, but it also grabbed international headlines. This selective outrage is simply to grab some votes, creating sensational headlines and gripping TRPs.

 Politicians are one of the biggest culprits here, after any such incidents they transform themselves into vote-seeking vultures. Play politics with the tears of plaintiffs also Media should not be biased as it is the fourth pillar of our democracy. We trust media for everything it shows us but the reality is different in today’s scenario. Even our Bollywood industry is badly affected by the poison of Pseudo-secularism. They are trying to create an image. A better one for one side and evil one for another. Upper castes as suppressor and lower castes or minorities as kind-hearted or gentle

Not only media and politicians should maintain their dignity towards their duty we  Citizens have also some responsibility after any such incident we should not lose our temper and cooperate with the law and order after all India is a country having a blend of every religion living together maintaining the harmony of the nation. 

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