Legal Suggestion Required: Comment

Legal Suggestion Required: Comment

My problem is my wife i got married dec 2016 and since that she leave my home 2017 may after some arguments like your home so far, you did not give me jewellery etc…. and left home and after some months latter i received a call from CAW cell i attended many dates after I.O given my stridhan list which has written many things and amounts 12 lac i shocked but i returned home articals which has mentioned but I.O and her father asking me jewellery which has taken by her during the come and go her home more than 100 times they are pressure on me arrange jewellery and hard cash even i have many photograph there is showing nothing in-spite of I.O threatening me arrange as saying her otherwise i will trap you in false case 406,498 etc
please suggest me what i do for them???

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  1. Once the FIR is lodged, the man can apply for anticipatory bail or notice bail so as to ensure that the innocent family members are not going behind bars without any just cause.

    Collect evidence to prove that she moved out of the bond of marriage for no valid reason.
    Lodge a complaint to your nearest police station, detailing about blackmailing, her false allegations, and her unbearable behaviour. Request in your complaint that police should take necessary actions to stop her from making threats and abuses immediately, also tell the police verbally and in writing along with available evidence that you are facing blackmailing and threats and mental torture from your wife and/or her family, as the case maybe. Filing such a complaint early on can save you from a lot of trouble later on if you are the first one to file this.

  2. My bf wasted my 10yrs in relationship gave me false marroage promise and used me physicaly against my consent which leads me to depression and noe he is denying to marry me after wasting so many my years , he says supreme court gives permision to rape any girl by giving fake marriage promise and later he can deny for making any excuses and prove it its conseusal relation. But my intention was only for marriage not physical. He kept relation to satisfy his lust and now he shown true color when his family is searching girl for him for marriage. What is the first step i take plz advice he can get punish by law or make him marry me ?

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