Justice Jagdeep Singh (CBI Special Courts) : Know Your Judges.

Justice Jagdeep Singh

Author : Mr. Aprataim De

Justice Jagdeep Singh is the man of the moment and he had came into the spotlight after convicting the self proclaimed godman Ram Rahim Singh alias Baba Ram Rahim for 20 years in a rape and murder case filed against him. Interestingly the following suit was going on for last 15 yrs and none of the previous judges had pronounce a judgement against the godman as the accused ( Ram Rahim Singh) was very influential man and thus had created a terror in the minds of the people.

But Justice Jagdeep Singh who is known for his strict and no-nonsense attitude pronounced a judgement against the same.

Early Life

Justice Jagdeep Singh Lohan was born in Jind, Haryana and is an alma mater of Punjab University Law College. He has completed his LLB degree in the year 2000 and he is a bright student since his university days and is seen as a very tough, competent and upright judge with a no-nonsense attitude.

Legal Career

  • He had begin his career as an advocate at Punjab and Haryana High Court between 2000-2012. Here he used to practice in both civil and criminal matters.
  • After that he had joined the Haryana Judicial Services in 2012 and had his first posting at Sonepat. Interestingly he got his second posting as a CBI Special Trial Court Panchkula judge which is given after a lot of scrutiny from the high court.
  • Moreover Justice Singh had hit the headlines for the first time in 2016 when he had saved the lives of four people who were seriously injured in a road accident while he was travelling from Hisar to Panchkula by his smartness and presence of mind.
  • He again came into the limelight in August 2017 when he convicted the influential self proclaimed godman Baba Ram Rahim in a rape case for 20 yrs. Actually this was a controversial case and was also a one of its kind as because though the matter was pending before various courts of the country due to the strong influence of the accused not only on the administrators but also on the litigators so at the same time Justice Jagdeep Singh had came forward to rescue the people by pronouncing a verdict against the accused in the matter which was pending for last 15 yrs.

Landmark Judgements Pronounced

After being appointed as the CBI Special Court Judge at Panchkula he pronounced a judgement in a very controversial rape and murder case instituted against the Dera Chief Baba Ram Rahim in which he was convicted for 20 years for committing rape against two of his female followers and also for committing the murder of one of his Dera managers named Ranjit Singh who was shot dead in 2002.

Also when the case was tried before the court it had disturbed the law and order of the region to such a extent that the police had failed to handle the situation as a result the central reserve forces were deployed in the region to bring normalcy and also Justice Singh was accompanied to the court under high security as there was a risk to his life even before he had pronounced the judgement.

But as Justice Jagdeep Singh is known for his honest and no-nonsense attitude he had finally pronounced a judgement against Ram Rahim ignoring the threat to his life which in true sense makes him a hero and a person which each one of us wants to be someday.