Join YCM Conflict Management Addas. Gain Dispute Resolution and Dispute Prevention Skills.

About the organizer

YCM is India’s 1st Youth Conflict Management & Mediation Initiative. YCM enables you with skills to prevent a spark from turning into a raging fire in every domain of your life: professional or personal!

You learn skills to prevent minor disagreements, arguments, and deadlocks from turning into full-blown disputes! Conflicts are inevitable so might as well learn skills to deal with them POSITIVELY!

  • We FOCUS on conflict management as “the” process for dispute resolution and dispute prevention.
  • We TRAIN you in conflict management skills to navigate routine conflicts to arrive at outcomes acceptable to you.
  • Workshop Series: Learn basic conflict management skills and adopt immediately to apply to your life!
  • Certificate Courses: Learn intensive conflict management skills and get certified as a youth conflict manager and a youth mediator.
  • We COLLECTIVISE the power of the youth as we build youth-run conflict management centers, mediation centers, and conflict management addas Trained youth are setting up Youth-run conflict management centers, mediation centers and conflict management addas (virtual for now) across campuses of educational institutions, organizations and beyond.

Details about the event

YCM is launching the Conflict Management Addas on every Sunday of August (1st, 8th 15th, and 29th) from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm. YCM Conflict Management Addas are a fun and practical space for people to engage with purpose: to convert difficult conflicts into easy growth spaces. In these virtual Addas, YCM will facilitate youths and professionals to practice their learnings in hypothetical conflict scenarios based on real-life conflicts at the micro to society level. In addition, YCM will provide basic conflict management techniques to youths and professionals which they can apply to conflicts in their personal/professional life.

After attending these Addas, the attendees will:

  1. Learn the importance of managing conflicts in day to day lives
  2. Engage in a fun way to learn basic skills for conflict management
  3. Network with each other and learn from diverse experiences of youth across India

We also have experts joining us for each Addas. The experts include:

·       1st August – Ishani Sen (Director | Pravah)

·       8th August – Supriya Chawla (Head | Chevening Scholarships)

·       15th August – Jeevan Ballav Panda (Partner | Khaitan & Co.)

·       29th August – Prerna Kohli (Mediator | Zeus Law Associates)


Open for youths and professionals between 16 to 35 years of age


The Conflict Management Addas will function virtually and people from all around the country can attend these Addas.


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You can attend these Conflict Management Addas for free!

Sign up to become a part of a space where you engage with purpose, convert conflicts into easy growth spaces and have a fun learning experience!


  1. Ace Conflict Management Skills. Help yourself and people around you to resolve a conflict.
  2. Get a chance to network with expert professionals and mediators. Make new friends.
  3. Top performers get a chance to intern with YCM and become an assistant Conflict Management Adda Coordinator
  4. Earn a certificate.
  5. Hear from experts in the field on managing personal and societal level conflicts.


Signup before the 25th of July. Limited slots left.

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For any query or assistance, feel free to reach out to

Aditya Aryan – [email protected]

Sudiksha Rawlani – [email protected]

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