Is social media becoming a villain for youngsters?

Author: Ms. Kashish Khurana, School of Law Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal.


It is true that the internet has made our lives easier. It helps us save time in this busy world. But the fact is that everything has its own disadvantages along with advantages. Internet and social media is proving a villain for everyone today. Not just mentally but physically too. Everyone sits inside the home with their internet connections on and laptops and mobiles in hand. This is increasing the low vision, affecting the brain and body as well.

This is not just where the list ends. The list is too long to last. The main issue is not just the internet but the social media, where people get so virtually connected that they don’t require the need for actual interaction among themselves. This is ruining every generation. The kids born till the 90s era know the importance of all the outdoor games rather than those who are born in the era of technology and are being brought up with cell phones and technologies in their hands. It’s neither their fault as well, it’s the fault of parents. Nowadays everything is available on the internet. Parents are so busy in their day to day works that they themselves do not have the time to interact with their own children and teach them the actual values that is required.

This carelessness and scarcity of time given to children by parents make them addictive. There are thousands of new diseases evolving today and the reason is a single object, social media. Social media is such a platform where we get connected to known and unknown faces around the globe. It sounds interesting but is too dangerous. After all, it’s just a virtual world full of desires and imaginations.

Depression and anxiety are the two major problems found in 21st century born kids. These teenagers use social media in the maximum number. This increase in number increases desires, fascinations which leads to jealousy and ends up to crimes. Everything that is on social media is not true. The biggest evil is the comparison, that we make seeing the life people spend on social media without just having a second thought whether it is the reality or illusion. Last year an online game named BLUE WHALE is the biggest example of such a villain. This game took the youngsters into such a world where every virtual thing seem real to them and in the end, it took their lives. The biggest suicidal game over the globe took the lives of many youngsters.

Another example of this villain of lives is the web series that is being prevalent amongst the youngsters. These web series contains some obscene scenes and objectionable language which effects on the mind of youngsters. These web series have affected not just their personal life but hurt their religious sentiments. The government of India took massive steps of banning pornography just to save the youth who spent their precious time in such things. But the web series they are getting addicted to has the same attractive force with a sort of same objectionable and obscene scenes.

The government of India also took a step by imposing a ban on tiktok. But later on, they had to lift the ban. The main view that it was banned was the same for which pornography was banned. Youngsters waste a lot of time making videos instead of seeking work and employment. But, the thing that fascinates can never be ended can only be replaced by other things that may be more or less fascinating.

This era and social media have left us with nothing and just a virtual world, out of which no one wants to be happy. It’s the high time to make our youngsters realize, “Smile, but not because someone is clicking a picture of yours and posting it on so-called social media, smile for the real happiness.”

We need to take an initiative to make a real-world full of happy faces and no one faking a smile for pictures. This would actually bring love, happiness, and satisfaction among people. Just try it once and will never get fascinated by other things.