Interview of Media Personality talking on topic of Youths…


As quoted by  David Sedaris that “Writing gives you the illusion of control, and then you realize it’s just an illusion, that people are going to bring their own stuff into it.” Which gives an inch to what people usually consider media to be: Diverting.

 So to take you to a brighter road and show you the better and clear view of journalism from an Interview conducted with:-

Mr. Satish Kumar 

Chief Sub Editor of United News of India(Patna Office).

who will show you different shades of the world of media and how to recreate it.


Q1. What role does media plays in a student’s life and how it is helpful?

Ans. Firstly I will define media stating that it is a mass communicator and an agenda setter which connects us with the scenarios in the world and informs us about many things like news, history, entertainment etc. It provides us with the adequate exposure we need which helps us to build our knowledge and makes us aware about the society and happening.

Talking about how a student is crucially been affected with media so as earlier, and still today books provides us about all form of knowledge and  general studies about the society but media has took this one notch higher. As it makes us faster aware about the current affairs and our development on daily basis which makes this generation speedy and makes this globe a digital world. Remember how earlier, a telegram or letter would take 4 to 5 days to reach which made our communication so slow but know in this digital word, an email or text message takes seconds to reach making us advance and globalized. No doubt, media is a blessing to our generation.

Q2. Now a days, it’s been said that media is highly indulged in publishing fake news. What is your say about this?

Ans. There is no such term as ‘fake’ news as explained that the major source of mass communication is the main stream media but on the regional or the digital platforms like people on Whatsapp and Facebook are responsible source which are not considered as main stream media but social media which has no authenticity. I being a crucial member of media says that all such news which are made viral through such social media has no authenticity and no source as where they have been generated from. People blindly forwards such news and so blindly accepts it.

Secondly, ‘fake news’ in the field of journalism is actually called ‘paid news’. People in form of personal rivalry or enmity pay for such false news to spoil the reputation of one being. You are a law student, you know how immensely an investigation is been done to call a ‘suspect’, an ‘accused’. After proper investigation only is when a judge gives their judgment on a case with proper facts and legal basis.Behind this there is proper investigation of police officers and even journalists before the publishing such news. So, main stream media believes on such authenticity and works with responsible behavior.

Q3. Many students come under your organization for internships. How do you make your interns market ready?

Ans. I will give a brief introduction about or organization so, our organization is United News of India, Patna. We are one of the oldest agencies in the world being only trial legal agency in India. We have a collaboration with leading world organization called Writers which communicates us with all form of world related news we publish. The founder of our organization is Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru. India consists of two most crucial media agency and we are one of them. I’m working from 12 years for this agency being the Chief Sub Editor. We are different from the basic news in the newspaper or other digital platforms as we provide digital machines in leading governmental bodies of India. We work nonstop for 24 hours throughout the year to serve for the fastest generation of news. Our basic motive before publishing a news is to check its authenticity and for that we crosscheck it from all form of governmental sources for being 100% assured as a single false news may effect and hurt a major form of our society.

As talking of internship, you being a law student knows about the importance of internship to excel in a professional field. I will state this that no one can make you a journalist. I’m a student of Delhi University South Campus, colleges can provide you all form of bookish knowledge but without personal execution they are none of use. In today’s generation, it’s sadly been witnessed that people gets job with all undue means either by giving money or personal references because of which undeserving candidates are taking the jobs of deserving people. Girls are usually not confident to pick journalism as profession as it involves too much of traveling and extra working hours which makes it difficult for them to create a balance between work and family.

We can only train and teach our students how to work but their working will only depend on their creative skills, hard work and dedication. Sometimes new comers works way better than those who are more experienced in this profession, so it depends on the particular skills of an individual that how they excel. Words are the weapon of a journalist, just learn to play with your weapon and you are good to go.


Q4. What drawbacks you think are there in today’s youth? How should they overcome it?

Ans. I remember the days when we were considered as the youth and it was altogether different scenarios to compare from today. I’m 35 years old, not so old to remember! Today’s generation is getting blind and diverted from the dark glamour of the fancy world. There is a major misbalance in today’s world as the elementary school students wants to know about the things he needs to learn in its graduation years because of which he misses what he should actually learn. The youth is blind in showing off, they are indulged in a weird competition to own better clothes, gadgets and lifestyle from one another. They want everything they demand in instant because of which they lose the value of ‘earning’.

To overcome this, there are 3 mantras:


Self-Analysis &


If you follow these footsteps, then we may witness a spotless generation. We cannot ask the parents to correct their children every minute as I’m confident of our youth to channelize themselves. You need to decide what is better and what is harmful for you.

I’m proud and happy to see the future of the nation in responsible hands. We are developing day by day, these outfalls are just hurdles, we will jump over them and paint in the rising future sky with happy colors.


Ms. Riya kumari

2nd yr BA LLB ICFAI Law School