Interview with Adv. Masoor Khan discussing about Indian Politics.

INTERVIEW: Advocate Mr. Masoor Khan discussing Indian Politics and Law students

Interviewer: Ms. Riya Kumar from DME, Noida.


Mr. Masoor khan

He is a practicing lawyer in Delhi High Court. He has completed BA.LLB in the year 1999 from Delhi. Mr. Khan is a well experienced and knowledgeable lawyer. He also shares his experience and teaches important aspects of law to the interns working under him.


Some Glimpses of Interview:

Q1. What would you like to suggest the students who are thinking to pursue or are pursuing law? How can they become a successful lawyer?

Answer: An aspirant of law should understand that more the knowledge, brighter the future! Students should always focus on the basics of the subject, they should not hurry to know everything like almost all the students do nowadays. For students pursuing law, case laws are very important as in-depth knowledge of case laws will help them while practicing.


Q2. Some law students do their initial internships in High Courts or Supreme Court. What would you like to say about this?

Answer: Students should always do an internship under lawyers of Trial courts. It is the best way to know the basics of litigation because Trial courts are of original jurisdiction where evidence and testimony are first introduced, received, and considered.


Q.3 According to you what will be the situation of Indian politics after the Lok Sabha elections 2019?

Answer: Right now guessing the situation is quite difficult because there is some sort of confusion amongst the voters as to which party or leader they want to bring into power. So there might be a situation of Hung Parliament in India after the elections where no one party will have the full majority in the parliament.


Q4. Coalition government or Majority government according to you is beneficiary for Indian politics?

Answer: Majority government is the best type of government for Indian politics as it helps in passing bills and helps the government in quick decision making for the welfare of the people. Accountability can never be sacrificed as India has a powerful media and opposition parties keeps on asking questions to the government. Keeping in mind the history of Indian politics, almost all majority governments complete their entire term in office which helps in maintaining stability in the country.

Q5. Do you see any benefit of politics for law students?

Answer: Both Politics and Law are interrelated to each other. A Law student must be aware of what is going to the country and their subjects are even also related to politics. Both aspects are interlinked.