Interview of Mr. Shailesh Hadli, Dean School of Law, LPU Punjab.


Mr. Shailesh Hadli

Dean of School of Law, Lovely Professional University, Punjab.

On the Topic of law as a carrier : a 360 degree view.

He pursued LLM and Phd degree from Pondicherry University and possess 8 years’ experience in practice in different courts of Bangalore as well as teaching. Apart from this, he was appointed as an arbitrator and had dealt with approx 800 cases. He also delivered lecture as Professor in R N  PatelIpcowala School of Law and Justice, Patel Sardar Patel University , Anand , Gujarat. Now he is currently associated with Lovely Professional University as Dean, being the Dean he is also involved in teaching ,  Labour law and Administrative laws etc.


        1. Reason for leaving Litigation as carrier and choosing academics?

Ans:-The major reason sir gave for leaving the reputed work of Litigation is some of the unethical practises going on around him and the harsh atmosphere of the courts, which did not suited him.


         2. Do you think studying the law course without any particle experience is enough?

Ans:  I think, it’s not enough as law is 30 percent of what you study and 70 percent of application of mind to a particular issue, which can only be developed by practice and particle exposure, due to this I have introduced a subject at the places I visited, i.e. Practical implication in civil and criminal law, which are provided by few universities currently. In which we deal with nature of civil law in one semester and entire case of criminal nature in another. Wherein students are exposed to real life problems.

One must understand that practice and academics are two different things, when a student complete his degree,  he finds it very difficult to cope up with the competition and various procedure which is not taught in his syllabus and it takes 2 to 3 years for him to actually analyse those things and start with his own practice. So, it is necessary to explore particle aspects of Law .Here we teach students every technical part of litigation right from filing of case to production of evidence , issuing notice and examination, cross examination and re examinations of witnesses.


        3. Sir, what we study is totally different from court proceedings, isn’t it?

Ans:- No. as I said the 30:70 rule is applicable here, what you study is important and one should understand it as same,  because there can’t be practical application without technical knowledge. A person should focus on knowledge in college and he will learn practicality in court.


         4. Sir as you have already worked in the Arbitration field, what do you think, the scope of law students in this field and their success?

Ans:  Actually Arbitration is a good field, but the people now a days are misusing the same. It is good to settle the dispute through Arbitration as , it is fast with less expenditure , I feel that the concept is made very good, but ,the corporate and banks misuse it, as they themselves mention that ‘the issues will be solved by the sole arbitrator appointed by the company’, how do they expect the arbitrator to give decisions in favour of opposite party , What I feel is there is an lacunae. Again It is never ending litigation as there is no binding force behind it, if the party do not agree on particular, issue. Sec 34 of Arbitration and Conciliation acts, gives right to person to knock the doors of courts and that matter will be started as fresh matter.

      5. Sir, now a days , there are lots of cases on students getting trapped with malicious job in offices , where they are asked to give digital signatures on Arbitration clause and later they are asked for money using the law and arbitration as weapon to deceit . What’s your point on view on this?


Ans:  See, actually the people do not read the instructions, and you know their ; things are created by advocate themselves and executed by themselves and this kinds of agreements are void ab initio and also against public policy .

       6. Any suggestions for law students and scope in law?

Ans:- See, now the generation are coming by choice of law and not by the force of law, earlier only arts students opted for law when they had no other options , but now even science and commerce  students are coming .there are vast openings ,one can explore vast things only the thing that should be remember is the person should be good in research , as research is the only thing by which you can reach heights ,after completion of law there are number of jobs available such as in cooperate, litigation, defence, academics ,Jag ,judiciary and LPOS and many more.

In LPO’S, a person is supposed to do research in on other countries laws and give them feedback is very innovative.


      7. Sir, what is the most important thing, you feel every law student should understand and follow?

Ans:- The only key thing ,I want to tell all the law students is, every semester , add a feather  to you crown by way of writing articles ,participation in many competition , moot court competition ,every semester  if you add one or two article by the time you finish 10 semesters you will be well versed and your profile will be in such a manner that you will finding a place at a corporate level and I also would like to ask students to work hard continuously also during your studies try to help poor people providing them legal aid , this will solve their problems and give you ample to knowledge.


Editor : Mr. Shashank Ranjan, ICFAI Dehradun

Interviewer : Ms. Mohini Chaubey, Balaji Law College Pune.