INTERVIEW OF Mr. Tripathi, Former Senior Standing Counsel, IT Department,Ministry of Finance, GOI

“If it’s litigation, it has to be The Practice as your first choice of lawyers unless you believe in compromise and settling for the second best”

So today, we are here with interview of:-


Mr. Anupam Tripathi

Mr. Tripathi is a lawyer, an author and writer, a law professor and an extremely active Animal Right and Social Causes Activist. Mr. Tripathi was admitted as to the bar in July 2004 after having graduated in first class from I.L.S. Law College, Pune. He topped Pune University in Constitutional Law and in Legal History and was a rank holder in Pune University. He is also a Gold Medalist in Moot Court Competitions for his college. He was nominated as Atul Sangtani Foundation Best Student Award, I.L.S. Law College, Pune 2003-04. He is also the proud recipient of a scholarship in LLM Program in International Law and Business. He is a former associate in AZB & Partners, Delhi. Mr. Tripathi is also a Former Senior Standing Counsel, Income Tax Department in Ministry of Finance, Government of India.

Some Glimpse of Interview:
Describe about your Law Firm, foundation, Partners and work area.

The Practice is a proprietorship law firm, where I’m the managing partner. I set up the Practice on 5th August, 2005. Weare now going to be completing 13th year of The Practice and professionally I’m going to complete 14th years of my practice so our structure is I’m the Managing Partner and then in my team we have what we call associates, senior consultants and consultants. We have around seven consultants in our team who are lawyers with experience of up-to 50 years of practice. Our senior consultants Mr. Vijay Bahadur Singh, former Advocate General of Uttar Pradesh and Senior advocate of Allahabad High Court. Our Senior consultant is also my father who has a degree in law, graduated from law in 1971 then went to the civil services then retired in 2011 as chairman of CBDT and since then he has revised his Bar License, today he is a practicing lawyer though as a senior consultant he is with The Practice (firm) on advisory issues in Tax Matter. Similarly we have other senior consultants who have thirty year or more than experiences. Then we have consultants, they are mostly young lawyers, Advocate Records in Supreme Court and we have full time associates for examples Mr. AnandSaxena and then we have every month an Army of Interns a batch of minimum 7 to 8 interns who some times 16 to 17 interns. This is the structure of our firm.


FFAR INDIA is stands for Fight for Animals Rights India. We are an NGO that was set up in on December 3rd, 2015. I am particular about these dates because I’m the one who set up this. We are the 100% charity registered under section 12(AA) and 80(G) of Income Tax Act. Our work is fighting for social causes, environmental causes and animal’s right causes and specialty is Social Interest, Public Interest and Litigation in these fields and Legal Aid, Campaign, Peaceful Protest, March like this.

Tell me a situation where you failed? Why did you fail and what did you learn form it?

The only failure is not to try and I have failed many, many and many times and from every failure I have learnt more, more and more. I’m a firm believer that from your failure you learnt more than your success. Let me give you an example not too many people know about this, Today you know Anupam Tripathi managing partner of THE PRACTICE and founder of FFAR INDIA. You know I’m a college topper, university topper from I.L.S. Law College, best student, gold medalist, international mooter, national mooter champion but people don’t know is that Anupam Tripathi failed in class 9th. Yes, I failed in class 9th and between class 1 to class 9th I could not pass basic exams and classes and he used to cry everyday, why I am not academically more sound than others, Till class 9th I used to struggle, I even flung in class 9th then some unfortunate circumstances happened my Grand Father passed away, a Judge of Allahabad High Court, leading Lawyer of his time and till date I called myself Grandson of Justice Tripathi and god played a role and after that some changes happened in my life and from there I realize that the best part of being at the bottom that you can only go on top,you can only go up so from there I began my journey and that journey took him up and since then he being topper throughout schools, college, not just academically till class 9th I was a back bencher, I was shy and then after I never looked back and move further but I was the epitome of the looser till my age 13th to 14th  so failure teaches me and today I thankfully with all that experience and I’m grateful that I had all that failure because that is what give me the strengths.

Now a days, first year law student and fresh law graduates directly join the Senior Advocates in Supreme Court. Is it good or justified for them to go directly to the Apex Court?

Justified, yes legally it may be but it is not all advisable, I don’t advice at all. I’m a firm believer and this is also I’m speaking my own experience and they should two years minimum dedicate to lower court practice. Even I practiced in lower court from 2004 to 2008 and then from 2008 I started to move towards Higher Court and then I was from 2010 to 2013 purely At High Court and from 2013 onwards when I have come to Supreme Court and from last 4 years I’m in Supreme Court. So I have planed like this.

What is most important for you ethics, morals or personal games in law?

Ethics, Morality, Humanity, Integrity and Honesty comes always first for me.

What kind of intern you are looking for your office and what are the expectations from them?

Any student who is law school, who wants to learn, is hard working and tomorrow wants to step in litigation and do something for law, for the people of India, is welcome to work with me.

Any message to the young law student or fresh law graduates?

Yes, the future is very bright provided, you are willing to work hard for it, you are focused and do not compromise on true values that make you- you, true values of integrity, honesty, morality, compassion and kindness, choose kindness over right and choose right over popular and best of luck to the new student coming in law profession.


ATIDIVYA ANAND