How to Submit New Post about Events/Opportunities Nearby You.

How to became Guest Writer for us/Submit a New Post to us.

If you are a good writer, you write articles or want to share about event nearby you or any internship experience or any stuff related to law students, so no need to worry. We have a huge masses of  students visiting our website daily and they are also looking for  these helpful articles,events, and helpful materials.

For this, You have to follow some following steps to get connected with us and start writing on our website.

Step 1
Click on Submit post/Guest writer Menu on the top of website.

Then, Go on the ‘Register’ Option and make yourself Register on our website…

Short Link to Register directly, Click

After Registering yourself, Go on ‘Login’ option and login to our Website.

Step 2

When You Login to our website, in the widget section, now you can see ‘SUBMIT NEW POST‘ icon Like this:-
Here, write ‘Title of your post’ and you can add Pictures by clicking on ADD MEDIA button to you post…

Step 3

Now, Add your Desired Post in the below shown part

Step 4
After that, find proper Category in which you want to upload your post, Like if it is a article, make category as Interview/ Articles, or it is about any event, Make category Events and opportunities, like that.

Step 5
Leave Post Status as ‘Pending’.
Step 6
Last Step to publish your post.. Click on ‘Publish’ Button.

When You Click on ‘Publish’, Your post is submitted to us and shortly we will publish it on website and you can Check it here on our front page.

Even after this you have any problem, you can contact Us.

Contact Us

You Write, We Publish…Go…

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