How to check case status in India? Full Step by Step Guide.


Author: Aishani Pattanaik, Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad.

“Case Status” denotes the latest position of a legal case Sub judice before any court of law. The case status of a legal matter can be either “pending” or “disposed”. 

With the advent of technology, the world has become a global village, every vital information is just a click away. Similarly, the case status of a legal matter Sub judice can be retrieved by a litigant or a layman by accessing or visiting a plethora of websites available in the google database. However, in this comprehensive article, the author shall give an insight into retrieving the case status by the usage of only authentic and credible websites.

The case status of a legal matter Sub judice before the Hon’ble Supreme Court can be accessed by the general public by visiting the Supreme Court of India’s official website followed by clicking on the “case status” tab available in the homepage itself

The “case status” tab serves as a comprehensive as well as a consolidated aperture for the purpose of obtaining a variety of information regarding the cases. The user post clicking on the “case status” tab can retrieve the case information by using a plethora of methods such

a) By entering diary number

b) By entering party name,

c) By entering the case number,

d) By entering advocate name etc

The case status of a particular case Sub judice before various High Courts of India can be accessed on that particular High Court’s official website where the homepage of the site itself contains the “case status” tab.

For example, in order to retrieve the case status of a matter Sub judice before the Hon’ble High Court of Orissa, one has to visit the official website of the court ie The homepage of the website itself has the “Case Status” tab which when clicked redirects the user to the concerned webpage consisting of case status, case orders and cause list.

However, it is evident that such a diversely segregated methodology for accessing the case status can be an arduous task for the general public. Therefore, to mitigate this impediment and to alleviate this cumbersome nature of finding the case status, the Govt. of India along with the Law Ministry has launched an “e-courts services” mobile application based on the website which allows the litigants to check the current status of a case Sub judice before the Hon’ble Supreme Court, High Courts of India as well as the various district courts this platform also aids in accessing the case status of various cases Sub judice before various District Courts in India). This consolidated application/ platform is a pivotal step towards the digitalization of courts which made the entire system of accessing the case status hassle-free by integrating the courts in one single platform.