How to became an Uber Driver and Get it Registered?




Uber is basically a type of convenient and easy way of transport. It is a location-based app that can be booked by individual and on entering the location the car picks the person from there and drop at a prescribed location. It is an inexpensive and safe taxi service.




Uber is an easy to use application for those who want to travel. The basic requirements of being an uber driver are as follows:

  • You must drive a vehicle that is either a four-door car, truck or minivan. The manual transmission is accepted.
  • You are required to be 21 years of age or older (23 depending on your city).
  • The intended driver is required to be on the insurance for the vehicle used.
  • You must pass a background check.
  • A minimum of three years driving experience is mandatory.
  • Your vehicle must be fit to pass an inspection from Uber.
  • You are required to have a clean driving record.




  • For any driver the basic requirements are that he should be a major i.e. above 18 years; in case of becoming an uber driver should be of 21 years and above and should be of sound mind.


  • For the Uber process-
  • First of all the person needs to see whether the uber services are provided in that area or city; though the Uber services are spread everywhere there are still some areas in which Uber don’t cover.
  • The next thing is one needs to see whether he is eligible to drive i.e. age requirements and all the other basic requirements mentioned above are met or not.
  • If you meet all the requirements, go to the Uber Driver sign up page.
  • Create an account or log in if you already have an account.
  • After logging in, confirm that the vehicle meets all the requirements.
  • Enter the social security number and upload the required documents.
  • After all, this, download the uber driver application and submit all the basic account information so that the money is transferred to your e-wallet.
  • After this go the local Uber Greenlight Location to sign up and you are ready to drive.
  • During the Uber application process, there are a few documents one should have ready. These include:
  • A valid driver’s license issued by the authority.
  • Proof of vehicle registration
  • Proof of vehicle insurance.


  • Drivers will face disqualification if within the past 7 years they had:
  • Drug-related driving conviction
  • Fraud
  • Reckless driving
  • Hit and runs
  • Violent crimes (assault, battery, homicide)
  • Acts of terror
  • Sexual Offences
  • Crimes involving property damage
  • Felony or misdemeanour for theft (burglary, stealing, robbery, or anything similar)
  • Fatal accidents
  • Resisting / evading arrest
  • Any other felony.
  • After having all the necessary documentation proofs like Vehicle registration number, driving license and insurance documents, a driver can go to the uber app and get himself registered on the following link wherein one needs to create a new account of himself and give all the necessary information like the bank account details and all the necessary proofs as demanded should be attached.
  • So the registration is basically online and you need to have a computer or laptop with good internet connectivity.
  • Once the creation of an account on the link and registration is done, go to the Local Uber Greenlight location for signing up, if there is any problem in signing up online or one may have some questions which might be unanswered.
  • After this is done, the person should finally get his vehicle checked in the Local Uber Greenlight location and get a certificate for the same.
  • After the obtainment of the certificate, all the basic and legal process is done and the person is eligible to hire passengers and start providing his services in Uber.



Uber is overall an easy to use application and is very convenient for the passenger’s use. But I feel there should be some changes made to make this service easy to use for the society.



  • In this era of 21st century, the security of women is the main issue. Many of those women who hire uber are the victims of molestation or sexual assault or rape and there follow serious consequences. Safety of women should be the prior thing which should be noted. Recently, it is proposed that the system of child locks should be removed from the taxi’s because it is the main cause for the harassment of women.
  • They should provide timely services; many times I personally booked Uber at night for the morning as I had a flight to catch but those booked at night never comes on time and at last, moment there results in a chaotic situation; so something should be done to resolve this issue to make their services more effective.



  • The Uber services should not be gender biased; it should provide opportunities for the inclusion of women drivers. There are only a few women drivers in Uber so Uber should take more steps to include women. Like the way Uber provides options for the cars like Uber X, Uber Moto etc. it should also provide options for the driver like male or female. When there are more women drivers it is good for the women of the society also, there will be the security of those women travelling alone and they will feel safer. So the provisions of Uber service should be made gender friendly; even the employment of women will make them independent. If they are good drivers fair chances should be given to them so that the notion of women being bad drivers will be eventually evaded by the society. The society is like a chariot with two wheels- one the males and another the females; so equal balance should be maintained to move ahead in the economy.
  • The driver of the Uber service should be given more security relating to their jobs. This will attract more persons for joining this service.
  • The drivers after their employees are free to drive their car in the city and charge accordingly but there are many instances when the drivers charge more and take undue advantage of the customer’s situation so this should be ended and there should be some actions taken against those who charge unreasonably.
  • It should be easy to register process i.e. the driver can register whenever they want and even those who are not qualified enough; have not completed their education should also be able to enrol and use the application.
  • The driver should be paid somewhat more than reasonable so that if they get a high amount of salary they will not think of going somewhere else.
  • There should also be a provision of some after retirement benefits for the driver so that they are retained in the job.

This is how the Uber services can be improved and things can go better.

Uber is doing good but what the society wants is the BEST and the same can be done.

By : Kavya jhawar, GLS Law college, Ahmedabad.