NC Management – Advisors & Consultants, presents this talk show and Award Ceremony for Women in their field of expertise, not only to have Networking Opportunity with Litigation Lawyers, Corporate Lawyers, In house Counsels, Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Dean of different Universities, Sports Women etc., but also to experience from another experience.

Object: To promote Women Empowerment and to raise funds for our new start up

Mission: To make a remarkable experience by finding the real women in you and to raise funds for our start up.

Vision: To make a remarkable experience, to know the real value of being a women and to show why India needs Women Empowerment and more women is need an Entrepreneurs, Lawyers, Teachers, etc. India is a developing country and has grown technologically but is also growing as a place where the value of women is downgrading even in this 21st century. Respect for women is the greatest virtue that a person ever could have as she is the mother of multitude. Well! That is not today’s scenario.

What is Women empowerment? Is it something just that is written in the constitution, human rights etc.? To implement these written scriptures, we women should come up with the strong belief that we have the wand in our hands and we will show the magic. It’s high time and we are yet to think out of the box!

  • Women & Law – at a glance (PowerPoint Presentation)
  • Why women needs to be empowered?
  • The role of legislature and young citizens
  • How the existing laws could be streamlined for the purpose of its effectiveness
  • Government’s schemes for the women empowerment and its implementation
  • A session to share their own experiences and talents

Who all can participate?

  • Litigation Lawyers,
  • Feminist,
  • Social Activist,
  • Corporate Lawyers,
  • In house Counsels,
  • Businesses,
  • Entrepreneurs,
  • Dean of different Universities,
  • Sports Women
  • Students, etc.;

Interested participants are requested to send a 1 min video of your Talk on [email protected] and Kindly fill up the form:Click Here

Participation Fees: Rs.1000/- (Rupees One Thousand  Only) Last Date to apply for participation: 10th January, 2018.


  • Live Show and Media Coverage.
  • Live Social Media Coverage.
  • Networking Dinner.
  • Witness Live Band Performance by Zal & Mehfooz Band.
  • Gift & Certificate of Participation.
  • And a life changing experience.

Interested Audience are requested to fill up the form; kindly Click Here

Audience Registration Fee: Rs.500/- (Rupees Five Hundred Only) For Professionals and Rs. 300/- (Rupees Three Hundred only) For Students


  • Networking Dinner.
  • Witness Live Band Performance by Zal & Mehfooz Band.
  • Certificate of Attending (E – Certificate) .
  • And a life changing experience.

Mode of Payment:




As part of the Show, SNC MANAGEMENT – Advisors & Consultants will be presenting the first edition of Femmes Awards. These awards aim to bridge not only the gender gap but also regional, sectoral, developmental, linguistic and social imbalances. The nomination of awards are in the following categories:

  1. Best Fashion Designer
  2. Best Fashion intern
  3. Best Fashion student
  4. Best Fashion startup
  5. Best Lyrics writer
  6. Best Girls Band
  7. Best choreographer
  8. Best dance school
  9. Best Law student
  10. Best Law intern
  11. Best law start-up
  12. Best lawyer
  13. Best architect intern
  14. Best architect student
  15. Best architect start-up
  16. Best architect
  17. Best interior designer
  18. Best blogger
  19. Best Vlogger
  20. Best Bollywood diva
  21. Best Supporting actress
  22. Best acting school
  23. Best sports person
  24. Best Model
  25. Best singer
  26. Best outstanding performer
  27. Best comedian
  28. Best Teacher
  29. Best Entrepreneur
  30. Excellence in Social Work
  31. Life time achievement award

Nominations for the awards should include – – A letter of nomination setting out the reasons for the nomination & background information on the nominee’s outstanding service & achievements as they relate to the award. – A current curriculum vitae. You can submit the nomination to [email protected]

Note: The last date for the submission of nomination for awards is 27th December, 2017.

Results will be announce on 1st January, 2018.

Venue: Constitution Club of India

Date of Event: 24th January, 2018 (On the occasion of National Girl Child Day)

For any queries & Sponsorship, kindly contact the undersigned:

Mr. Sparsh Gupta, +91-8901294062

Mr. Sahil Chopra, +91-7838474837

Ms. Christabel D’Avravu, +91-8123812115

Ms. Nisha Chauhan, +91 – 9582491663