CLAT Preparation

CLAT Preparation

To get admission to the National Law Universities, it is essential to score well in the CLAT exam, which has been a big challenge for the students. For all the students seeking help in preparing CLAT Mathsor CLAT exam whole syllabus within time, our expert has shared his ideas for CLAT Preparation. This article consists of some points to help you find some practical insights to prepare for the CLAT exam preparation and strategies section-wise, and some resources referred to while preparing for the CLAT exam by self-study.

By just self-study, how to prepare for CLAT exam is no easy task at all. You will need the right strategy to follow, which you can only get from whether some experts in the family or you can also take help from the online books and other resources available such as CLAT Mock Test papers. The CLAT Mock Test is available free for the students who have registered for the CLAT exam.

Currently, there are four sections for the CLAT exam, and these are English Comprehension, CLAT maths, Reasoning, and General Knowledge. The CLAT Legal Aptitude has been removed, but it is advised not to leave that part. Some questions from that section can be asked in some other format, such as current affairs in the general knowledge section or maybe in the paragraph in the reading section.

So, here are a few suggestions/ tips and ideas that will help you prepare for the CLAT exam without any coaching by just self-study.

  1. Time management: For every competitive exam, one has to give a lot of time and patience to study to crack the exam. No matter whenever you have started, you will have to understand the quantity of syllabus and the clat new pattern, and then making an exact plan according to the time you have is must be done and followed.
  2. Take help from the old question papers: Take out the last ten years’ papers and practice them a lot. Practicing past question papers will help you get an idea about the pattern the CLAT exam follows. Maybe a slight change could be there but most of the patterns like CLAT Maths etc. you will get. Make notes separately in brief, which will help you revise at the end time.
  3. Appear in the latest CLAT Mock Testis a must: Appearing in the CLAT Mock Test is the best thing you can do to practice. Don’t think that at first, you are scoring excellent or wrong; give the CLAT Mock Test daily. At least you should try to solve two question papers daily is suggested.
  4. Prepare Section-wise for the exams: Don’t mess up with the different sections. Learn and practice every section differently, keep the break in between if you switch between two sections such as the English section to CLAT Mathsor vice versa. Every section is different, and mixing up will make you puzzled.

Conclusion: No doubt, to get admission to NLUs, you have to give the exam and score well, but there is not any specific same rule that only attending high paying classes will let you prepare for the exam. If you keep going with the way to your target, you will reach there. Have faith in yourself and keep moving.

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