Certificate Course on Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code

About the organiser

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About the Course

This Course is a unique blend of the national and international aspects of Insolvency Laws. Today, the countries are not only interdependent but they are interconnected as well. We cannot read a law, in isolation, which is based on trade which has evolved globally.

Our course covers both the Insolvency code, 2016, and Draft Z (Cross- Border insolvency). We, very proudly announce that this is the only course that has covered the Cross Border aspect in the course. The idea is to give you a heads up for the upcoming challenges pertaining to global trade in the Insolvency Law regime.

Our CourseCourses provided on other providers
We focussed on concept clarity rather than just explaining the provisions.Focus lies on the clarifying the provisions.
We broke the complicated provisions into different chapters and tried to approach it by interrelating with other provisions.Focus lies on one provision at a time.  
We used recent case laws to make you understand the evolving jurisprudence and relate it with legislative intent.Jurisprudence and legislative intent is barely found in any other course on IBC

We have tried to develop this course in learners friendly manner rather than creating an assignment
Modules are more like articles and assignment.

We have provided the author’s comment and reference material to develop an opinion about the law which can be researched and further explored. An attempt to make learners self-reliant and analytical thinker.
It has never tried before in any other course

We have tried to incorporate the future need which can be the next disruption in the market in the form of Cross Border. We are making you legally ready for upcoming challenges.
None of the courses have previously offered this.

Online assistance will be provided, in case of any doubt arises after reading the module
Most of the course lack post course assistance
Self-assessment test will be provided to track your progress.It has been overlooked by most of the course providers


Module 1: Understanding the Nature and History of International and National Trade – An intriguing pique.

Module 2: Introduction – Understanding the need of Consolidation of Law.

Module 3: Understanding the Stake Holders.

Module 4: The procedure of filing corporate Insolvency Resolution by Financial creditor

Module 5: Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process.

Module 6: Formation of the Coc

Module 7: Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process

Module 8: Cross – Border Insolvency (Recommendation of the Committee – Draft Z)

Module 9: Role of Resolution Professional

Module 10: Personal Guarantor Insolvency under IBC

Other Informations:

Course Duration: 1 Month

Next batch from 1st of November, 2020

***If you are not satisfied with our course, we will refund the full course fee (Valid from the date of commencement of the course to the next seven days).


Anyone can apply (Especially for Law Students, Advocates, and working professionals in Insolvency and Bankruptcy code).

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Amount: 999/INR

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