Artificial Intelligence : Article

Artificial Intelligence

Every day the large portion of the population is at the mercy of rising technology yet few actually understand what it is. In many English movies, you not even realize that human or robots give shots.

When I was child, I Love the Marvel movies and Iron man was one of my favorites. As a lover of the technology, I also want my computer to be smart enough to understand me and talk with me like Jarvis in that movie. However, my computer only does what I command for.

Now this situation is changed. The technological world is totally changing with changing needs. We have artificial intelligence to bring our dreams come true. The things, which we see in our movies, are now somewhat possible in this real world.

The question stuck in my head, when I read the term “Artificial Intelligence” that what does it mean to be artificially intelligent?. In the simple language, it means that electronic device having thinking abilities, which are only accessible to human beings, for example: visual perception, audio recognition, speech recognition and decision making abilities. Artificial Intelligence is the broad area of computer science, which makes machine, seems like having human intelligence. The term “Artificial Intelligence” is made of two words, artificial and intelligence. The word artificial means something, which is not real or natural, and intelligence means ability to understand, think and learn. Therefore, artificial intelligence is the way by which machines acts with human intelligence.

To understand the concept of artificially intelligence, we have to accept that we are intelligent because of our brain. Human brain works according to patterns and patterns can be of listening, looking, thinking, remembering and working

For eg: People choose pets from domestic animal and not from wild animal because human have learned that wild animals are dangerous for human being. However, this difference cannot recognize by computers

Our human brainwork with pattern such as the way we are holding spoon, tying shoe lacesetc and it is different from one individual to another

Neural Networks

Neural networks are the model through which brain carry out various functions. These functions are based upon pattern recognition.

We all love chocolates, when we look to chocolate than our brain  sends us a message that this I like than we ask our parents that can you buy me a chocolate.

As many of you have seen the movie “INSIDE OUT” , if you have not seen yet. Please go and watch. As you will see that signals are, send according to which human body works. These signals based upon patterns, such as if the person hears some bad news than signal is send as a reaction of bad news. Moreover, according to signals, human body works. However, in case of machines, they have given artificial neural networks to carry out the functions.

Ok we come to know how this pattern works for brain and other things. But how this pattern work for data?. The answer to this question is given below

Block chain Technology

A block chain is the linear, chronological order of blocks containing hash of previous block. To make this more understandable

Let us take an example:

Let us take two blocks. In first block, put the name from roll no 1-10 to the block and close that block. Then take another block, put the name from roll no 11-20. Put the second block above first block. As you will see that, there is a link (hash) between both the blocks.

Bitcoin is the digital currency. In the transactions of the bitcoin, we will see link or hash of transcation with previous transactions. This concept is clearer by image given below.

Some of the examples of artificial intelligence are given below:

Driveless Car

News came that Google is making a car, which does not need person to drive. It will work on GPS. Moreover, this can only be possible by way of artificial intelligence. However, on this car research and experiments are still going on.

Ross Artificial Intelligence Lawyer

In  world , Many  law  firms are  using  latest  technology  to  help  lawyers in  solving the  problems of  client in  easy way . As one  of  the biggest  law  firm  named  BakerHostler in  U.S , employed  world’s  first  artificial intelligence  named  ROSS  for  Bankruptcy, Restructuring and  Creditor’s  Rights  team. “Our  goal  is  to  have  ROSS  on  the  legal  team  of  every  lawyer  in  the  world”, said  Arruda ,  who  said  that  they  are  testing  ROSS  in  practice  areas  beyond   bankruptcy  law .

For this human world, artificial intelligence is good but up to some extent. Everybody is under tension that if machine will take decisions than it will lead to war between human and machines. The time is near when artificial intelligence is available to all the fields than this artificial intelligence will become boon and bane for this world

The video link for better understanding the concept is given here

Prashansha Srivastava

BBA LLB from Galgotias University, Greater Noida.