Revolution and innovation have always been the regulation to modify our system of education. Man has been an intentional creation of God with a belief of relief. Human are therefore in a pitch of propelling teaching process so as to progress their thoughts and eradicate prior forms of education. World is almost electronically systematised so as education, now at fluff, people gets to access to every corner of earth and its happenings. Internet is the prime source of study- different sites in it connects us to the core of research, analysis. Now medium be the latest gadgets introduced- that be computer, laptop, tablets etc., Condensed and composed information inculcate the learners to proceed and execute their steps to literacy through modern amendment. This electronic modification created a better teaching and attractive learning process, visual imprints are said to last long in
memory so projectors usage makes it work well. Online web sources, videos, digital library, dictionary access ensures the trouble to cease learning process. Even for hearing impairment pupil-automatic sign language projects have also enhanced the method of enhancement.

Now mechanised approach to knowledge is a better way since compact model of topic, specimens are intact and are portable, easily availed in part of learning and relating methods since visual and auditory process collage our mind to the topic so easily pictured and grabbed although it reduces the culture of overviewing books, preparing notes, evaluating previous papers. Caused trouble can be solved by preparing the codex to be appealing, attractive, concise and precise, methodical, handy and foremost collectively composed and enforced to be all in one package. Books will be availed only if it is as easily utilised as speeding technology and its permanent contention are made to be bothered and realised by readers. Teaching process have been emphasised since classes are performed online, throughout world experts can be contacted and connected. The digitalised manner follows a proper guidance of teaching for which capabilities and capacities both are required- for a student to modulate accordingly with the new method and cope up with the advancement of the process, find decelerate paws as a hurdle to be encouraged and faced. Whereas for a teacher to be smart enough to use the most out of the least diverged. Now with this advance technology, one need to run in its flaws which will imprint much experience in him, failures never deceive us rather brings another opportunity so this new pathway of learning may bring failure but it only gathers experience which will be needed to this education process. It’s never a change rather structural and functional progress to education- a reinstallation in the chain of literary process. The accomplishment of this big acceleration in the runway of education made a cultural enhancement. Now this huge effort buttered the bread in remote areas, awareness to people of such advanced livelihood and their growth in civilization in order to be uplifted-education is not about knowledge of everything from sources, it’s about attachment to latest evolved mechanisms promoting education and experience gathered out of it.

Aratrika Roy, BA-LLB 2nd year