Online Internship

  • An internship is an official program offered by an employer to potential employees. Interns work either part time or full time at a company for a certain period of time. Internships are most popular with undergraduates or graduate students who work during there course period for gaining more wider and practical knowledge rather than having only practical knowledge or bookish knowledge.

In today’s scenario, competition among professionals have increased a lot as compared to older times. It is demand of hours to  became practically more aware and market ready for the requirements of the Industries.

Generally, an internship consists of an exchange of services for experience between the student and an organization. Students can also use an internship to determine if they have an interest in a particular career, to create a network of contacts, to acquire a recommendation letter to add to their c.v.


                                                        So, So, keeping in mind all these things, our team has designed the Online Internship program for all round benefits of the students willing to gain some extra knowledge during their college time.

Students have to do is to just spend some time to do the woks assigned by our team and after attainment of that work students are going to learn step by step. After the accomplishment of the target they wil

l be awarded the merit certificate and the best performer among them will get chance of offline paid internship.


So, students  interested can send their c.v to the mail id specifying the subject Online internship to

[email protected]

All the best

Team Indian Legal Solution