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Justice Kuldip singh “Green Judge” : Know your Judges

JUSTICE KULDIP SINGH “GREEN JUDGE”  Kuldip Singh (born 1 January 1932) is an Indian attorney and former member of the Supreme Court of India. Following his retirement from the court, he headed the 2002-2008 National Delimitation Commission that redistricted all of India after the 2001 census. Singh received his education from Col. Brown Cambridge School, followed by his first law


The Apex Court envisioned a cutting edge solution to the above concern, in the form of Judicial Impact Assessment. According to Professor N.R. Madhava Menon, former Director of the National Judicial Academy at Bhopal, “Judicial Impact Assessment is a process whereby the government can anticipate the likely cost of implementing a legislation through the courts


Justice In Krishna’s Word……… JUSTICE KRISHNA IYER as a Lawyer from Kannur District, Kerala. In 1948 he was jailed for one month because to give legal aid for communists. In 1952 he was a member of Madras Legislative Assembly. Thereafter he contested as an Independent candidate with Communist support to Legislative Assembly and became first