Donate for a Noble Cause

Dear All,

The idea of making a difference in this world has been our first priority and we need your support in this mission. We need donations from you all so that we can use your money in a better way.

We request youngsters to donate at-least 1% of their salary amount each month, this amount will not affect them adversely but can create a difference in some needy person lives.

So, Join the humanitarian vision and efforts by giving and helping lots of families who need shelter, food and other basic necessities to live.

We’re using your money,

  • In Providing education and basic facilities to the poor children’s belonging from extremely  weaker section of society.
  • In organizing Legal Awareness camps to make society aware about their rights.
  • In arranging basic necessary goods to the people in need.
  • In all possible manners where we can help anyone, like in condition of flood, drought e.t.c

Your donated money always goes to safe hands and the we are clear and assured in our approach. However if you’r helping us by donating a big amount to us, we will provide you with the update regarding the welfare work done by your money.

We’re excited to finally be doing so – however small it may be.


Click on the Link Below and You can contribute in fund raising by donating any amount to us.

We believe in – ‘Little drops make the mighty ocean’.