Online Course on Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR).


The main objective of this course is to provide students with a theoretical and practical understanding of alternative dispute resolutions (ADR).

In this course you will learn about benefits of using ADR as conflict resolution method and how to prepare yourself for adr process.

The course describes both common as well uncommon method of ADR and outline in which situation both can be used.

The course starts with the introduction ADR furthermore explaining how to prepare yourself for ADR and what is expected to excel in this sector.

The course includes different ways of how ADR is used to resolve the disputes by means of-




4.Collaborative Practice

The course helps the people to solve their disputes with the involvement of courts in India but without going to the courts.

A recent case on ADR filed by Hon. Mr. Harish Salve in Delhi HC speaks the lack of knowledge and work force on the ADR prospects in India. In countries like UK and USA etc., the ways of resolving disputes is through ADR due to its high advantages, which would be explained and taught in detail in the duration of the course.

About ADR

ADR incurs lower cost for the clients and more pay for the lawyers as in the process of ADR the lawyer can share the fees from both the parties as a way of resolving dispute. The process of ADR is a very speedy process compared to court proceedings in India. Clients spending years in dispute resolution can get speedy justice through this system. Moreover, ADR is client satisfactory as the process is under the control of the client as to when and where to settle and for how much to settle. It given maximum client satisfaction. In ADR, the choice of forum is with the parties as to who will hear the case, provide its expertise, and resolve the same. In a court of law, either party has to be guilty whereas in ADR after solving the dispute parties might work in future and the scenario can be of none of the parties are being found guilty. In court, the process becomes public while litigating the matter whereas in ADR the dispute remains confidential and is resolved confidentially. There are many other benefits of ADR. The course focuses to spread awareness and use of ADR systems, which will also help in reducing the burden on the courts in India.

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