How to get a project registered under RERA Act ?

September 20, 2018

How to get a project registered under RERA Act. Author: Adv. Binay  Editor: Ms. Paavni Thareja The real estate sector of an economy is one of the major contributors in the inclusive growth of the nation. With a view to signify the performance of the Real Estate Industry with the rights and liabilities involved in […]

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Interview : Adv. Tushar Agarwal

September 14, 2018

Introduction : Advocate Tushar Agarwal. He did his LL.B. from Amity Law School, Noida. He is a practicing lawyer since 2016. His main area of practice is criminal law. He frequently appears in Delhi High court and various District courts. He is a passionate about solving complex legal propositions by doing extensive legal research. He […]

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How to get Register for Online Journal : Complete Guide.

September 13, 2018

INTRODUCTION Author: Priyanka saraogi A journal is a publication containing articles written by researchers, professors and other experts. Journals mainly focus on a specific field of study. Journals are for academic or technical audience, not general readers. Journals are peer reviewed. They are the original research and mainly focus on current developments. They can be […]

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September 11, 2018

LEGAL RECOURSE FOR CHILDLESS COUPLES Author : Saumya Snehal, CNLU Patna. Procreation of life is a beautiful gift that has been bestowed by God on women, to cherish a life within her and to watch that tiny blessing grow up is the greatest joy a woman can ever experience, a dream she holds since she is old […]

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Crime and Consent :Critical Analysis.

September 9, 2018

Crime and Consent Author : Saumya Snehal, CNLU Patna. It is an old saying, “Where women are honoured, gods reside there.” From time immemorial, women have been considered as goddesses like Durga, Parvati, Kali, Shakti, Vaishnomata, Bhairavi so on and so forth. Indians put them on the pedestal and offer prayers and sacrifices. In contrast, more ‘goddesses’ […]

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How to obtain the license of Arbitration and Mediation in India.

September 7, 2018

HOW TO OBTAIN THE LICENSE OF ARBITRATION AND MEDIATION IN INDIA Author : Prachi Tiwari, Mody University.   INTRODUCTION In our country the system of imparting justice through courts has given rise to certain serious problems like expensive litigation, excessive delays and huge pendency of cases. Thus, it has become very strenuous for marginalized and […]

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September 1, 2018

DEFAMATION Author: Manika Joshi JIMS School of Law, Greater Noida, IP University.   Next to life, what man cares and loves most is his reputation. If any injury causes to his reputation, he might psychologically suffers to a great extent. Some persons may commit suicide due to defamation. In general terms, defamation means damaging the reputation […]

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September 1, 2018

INTERVIEW OF DR. J.P. YADAV (PROFESSOR AT JIMS SCHOOL OF LAW)   Law is a system of rules that are created and enforced through social or governmental institutions to regulate behavior. Law as a system helps regulate and ensure that individuals or a community adhere to the will of the state. We can better understand the law when we understand our communities. […]

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How banks can deal with the Notice from Tax authorities in India?

August 31, 2018

How banks can deal with the Notice from Tax authorities in India. Author : Vishal Tinani   Owing to increase in money laundering and tax evasion practices, banks are often served with the notices under section 133(6) and section 226(3) of the income tax act, 1961, by the tax authorities. The hon’ble supreme court of India, […]

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August 26, 2018

ARTICLE ON- RIGHTS OF TRANSGENDER IN INDIA Author: Ms. Kavisha Gupta New Law College, Pune.   Transgender individuals will be people of all ages or sex whose appearance, individual attributes, or practices contrast from generalizations about how men and ladies are ‘assumed’ to be. Transgender individuals have existed in each culture, race, and class since the […]

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August 25, 2018

INTERVIEW  WITH ADV. GOVIND KUMAR SAXENA. (ALLAHABAD HIGH COURT)   It is very important for every law student to be under the guidance of an advocate who can be a source of inspiration in his/her life. One can only make dreams come true after a lot of hard work, dedication and determination. But before all […]

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